Do we have "a mission" here on Earth?

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    the unnamedposted 3 years ago

    Do we have "a mission" here on Earth?

    Do you think that we were born here to do something in special before dying, or are we just individuals making our own choices in life?

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    Daveadams36posted 3 years ago

    Well just for a laugh I'll tell you seeing as you asked, exactly what we're all here for....I don't expect you to believe me, but i know this is 100% true....This is your one & only BIG chance at gaining your right to eternal life, & to do that you have to learn all you can about life while your here....So i could just come straight out & say, that you can if you train yourself get to a point in months not years..Where you will realise that you actually manifest/create all of your own emotions/feelings & thoughts, & so if you keep practising/training you will master control of them all which you can then show others how to do....Also you have to learn mindful meditation & learn how to mindfully do stuff, in order to realise you can operate perfectly well without the need to think when you don't need to think....Look around at the world it's in chaos, but then look at history it's always been the same....All blatant clues that we're here to be tested if you use a lot of logic, & there what's needed in order to teach us..Then test us all if we want to learn, & to see on what we build greed or love....Look at your friends family etc they all probably have some emotional hang-ups or negative thoughts etc, they could all train to eliminate all their unwanted negative emotions feelings & thoughts....Look at everyone who upsets or annoys you etc, their "all" there to help you master your self control....Not many even bother trying this stuff because it's very confusing at first, but your here like me to learn this stuff & then pass the info on....We're all down here learning growing ourself in Mother Natures womb, & we're here to build a stand up character built on morals & standards that can never be shaken or brought....We're here to learn how to love, & then show others how to love....We're not here for the money or fame or greed etc, we're here to build something worth keeping & giving eternal life to....Learn all that over your lifetime & do what you can for others, & one day I'll see you on the real planet earth when what we've built down here is born for real....So we're here to get to there, & to help others along the way, & there's nothing more special than that, you can be a shepherd or a sheep. (I'm not religious by the way, I'm a truth seeker).:-)