Weird Science: The Ice Caps are Melting! - on Mars

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    ptosisposted 3 years ago

    Weird Science: The Ice Caps are Melting! - on Mars

    Global warming is blamed on Humans - yet the Mar's Polar caps have been shrinking for the last 4 sun cycles. On Earth the North polar cap is shrinking and the South Pole has been getting bigger. So what is your idea on this? Over the last fifty years, the sun’s output has decreased slightly: it is radiating less heat. So what is heating up Mars? Jupiter Ignition?

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    lone77starposted 3 years ago

    Global warming is a hoax. And because the Earth has slightly cooled (average global temperature) over the last 17 years, it's no longer Global Warming, thus the change in focus to "Climate Change."

    But climate change has been happening since the birth of Earth.

    Pollution is bad and I'd love to end all pollution, but Carbon Dioxide is NOT pollution. It is a gas of life. Plants require it to live. It's part of the cycle of life between plants and animals. And since Global Warming is no longer happening, and increasing CO2 is blamed for Global Warming, why the continued insistence in reducing the Carbon Footprints? Illogical!

    Also, scientists have determined that CO2 increase has followed temperature increase in the past; not preceded it.

    And Global Warming is a good thing. Wake up people; we're in an Ice Age and have been for the last 2+ million years. Global warming means more evaporation, more clouds, more rain, more plant growth, more food and more life. The psychopathic "elite" want to cool the planet. Dumb! Massive starvation. If you can believe the Georgia Guidestones, that's exactly what they want. Scrooge-like reduction of population to a more manageable level of 500 million.

    With all the fraud scientists have committed in recent years to sway public opinion, I'm a little skeptical of all scientific pronouncements. This makes it harder to make sense of it all, but perhaps it's a good thing, too. Perhaps now we'll start thinking for ourselves.

    Jupiter ignition? I doubt it. It has far too little mass by a factor of 10 or more.

    Years ago, a neighbor in junior high (Rockville, MD) won the science fair showing that Jupiter is emitting more energy than it's receiving from the sun. Heat of initial compression of formation. But this isn't enough to spark off thermonuclear reactions.

    Could Mars be geologically active at the core? More warmth? Perhaps.

    Or could scientists be lying about the sun getting cooler to mask the Global Warming lie? They did it in Climate-Gate. They did it in 9/11 -- trying to say that solid steel could ever offer zero resistance to collapse. Pure delusion and fraud! With $Trillion$ at stake, would any scientist sell their soul for a piece of that pie? You bet they would.

    If the sun has been getting warmer, that could explain a lot.