What would Europe today be like, if Mongols took all of Europe during the 13th c

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    peter565posted 3 years ago

    What would Europe today be like, if Mongols took all of Europe during the 13th century

    During the 13th century, Mongols invaded Europe and joined all European territory into a single state call "Russia", today Russians say, they are not westerners, but are Euro Asians, European from racial point of view, but Asians in all other ways and said Russians have nothing to do with Europeans, starting from the 13th century.  And it is true, Mongols pulled Russia away from the influence of the Catholic church and out of the dark ages.  It got me thinking, what if Mongol conquer all of Europe?  What would Europe today be like?

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    aesta1posted 3 years ago

    The Mongols were stopped before they succeeded in joining Europe into a single state. Before they reached the Atlantic, Genghis Khan died and they had to go back to pay their respects to their leader.

    Russia was just another piece of territory they walked through. That they pulled Russia out of the dark ages is just not true.

    Our knowledge of the Mongols is now just beginning to give shadows of what they really were. Under Genghis Khan, they appeared to be tolerant of religions, they allowed vassal countries to continue with their own laws and customs, they were very supportive of women as equal partners, they were massively supportive of trade between countries and they were no more or less ruthless than was the norm of the time. Couldha, wouldha, shouldha doesn't really count in history.

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    Old-Empresarioposted 3 years ago

    I'm guessing better. The trade routes (meaning "the world") were stable when the Mongols controlled everything. It was the fall of the Mongolian Empire that led to the historical chain of events of Ottoman expansion, the rise and fall of the Mings, European exploration, Columbus, colonization, revolutions, world wars and instability in the Middle East.