The real Jesus in history, who do you think he/she/they is/are?

  1. profile image54
    peter565posted 3 years ago

    The real Jesus in history, who do you think he/she/they is/are?

    The mythological version of Jesus in the bible, we all know about.  But, there are no record of him, in history, we have no idea who or what, the real Jesus in history is/are. We don't know is he a man or woman or a group of people. We don't even know whether his name was really Jesus. Although there are many evidence that suggest the existence of a Jesus from that era. Jesus is in fact a very common name in the Middle East, India and Spain, so, we can't even be certain, whether it is the same Jesus.  Historians today, are increasingly thinking outside the box, to under try understand it.

  2. supremeupbeat k profile image65
    supremeupbeat kposted 3 years ago

    In my opinion If Jesus is a religious figure to save human race, then he must be above regions, above religious sects, above,  castes, above ages, above sex. He is one who needs not an identity. He is  as Krishna, as Buddha, as Mohammed, as Mahaveera beyond our reach, beyond our assumption.

  3. Old-Empresario profile image80
    Old-Empresarioposted 3 years ago

    Yes, I think there was a man named Joshua (Yeshua); he was assigned the Greek name of "Jesus" by Saul (changed to Paul), who wanted to bring the new Jewish sect to the Gentiles.

    There were two Jewish sub-states under Rome: Judea and Galilee. Joshua was a Galilean Jew. In Galilee, many people practiced magic tricks, told parables, amassed followers, predicted the future, acted like prophets, claimed to be messiahs, etc. Galilee also fell along the Silk Road caravan routes to the Far East where the writings of Confucius and the Golden Rule had originated 500 years earlier.

    The sh*t hit the fan for Joshua when he went from Galilee to Judea. Judean Jews were not the mind-expanding and imaginative "hippies" as they were in Galilee. Judea was full of militants who wanted to overthrow Roman authority and create and independent Kingdom of Judea just as the Maccabees had done. In the 21st Century these are what we would call "terrorists" if we were the Roman Empire and the Romans had our language and politics. In Jerusalem, Temple of Solomon was ground zero for the established orthodox religion and all of its bureaucracy. Something happened I think where Joshua either tried to take over the insurgency ("sell your robes and go buy swords", etc.) or he tried to take it into a more peaceful direction. In any case, he was running for a leadership role as either a prophet or a messiah--not uncommon in those days. He was either crucified by the Romans for fomenting insurgency or he was tipped off to the Romans by rivals of another insurgent group.

    What we can piece together is that Joshua was crucified in the 30s AD. A few decades later in the 50s, St. Paul's Epistles were written in Greek to Greeks. Greek words like "Christ" and "Church" began to appear. Beginning in 64 AD, a Jewish sect in Rome got to be too much and the emperor began persecuting them. Saints Paul and Peter were executed there. In 66 AD, the Great Revolt in Judea was launched. It was a bloody war that did not end until most Jews were killed and the Temple was destroyed three years later. The revolt was so important that it brought about the end of the Julio-Claudian royal family in Rome. At this time, the Gospels started to first appear along with other New Testament works.


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