Which birth order has the MOST freedom & which birth order has the LEAST freedo

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Which birth order has the MOST freedom  & which birth order has the LEAST freedom of all

    birth orders? Give analytical answers please.


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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago


    I believe the first or oldest has the least amount of freedom and the last or youngest has the most amount of freedom.
    When couples have their first child they feel the pressure to be perfect parents and to have the perfect child. They've read various books, watched DVDs, listened to advice from just anyone who has a child. They want to first child to grow up quickly be more advanced then other children their age. Independence is encouraged.
    When other children come along they expect the oldest child to be their "second in command" with regard to looking after their siblings when the parents are not around.
    If anything goes wrong the oldest child takes the heat even if they themselves are younger than 10 years old.
    The more parenting experience the couple has the less they worry about things they did early on.  They're less strict with younger kids.
    They also are less in a rush for their kids to grow up and become independent of them. This is especially true of many mothers who dread the day when their last child no longer thinks it's "cool" to be seen with them. Oftentimes they'll spoil them to encourage their dependency. Many parents dread the thought of an empty nest.

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    Oldest children, particularly those in large/very large families have the least freedom.  Oldest children are held to the most stringent standards.  They must be their very best; after all, they are the examples to their younger siblings.  They must be on their respective Ps and Qs. They cannot falter because if they do, they are considered to be less.  They are the ones who are punished the most and harshly because they should have known better.   

    Oldest children must be adults early in life.  They are oftentimes in authoritative and responsible positions from childhood.  They are not allowed to be children like other children are.  They must be ON 24/7/365 for both their parents and younger siblings.  They also must learn to put their individual needs last after that of their younger siblings. 

    Only children have the most freedom of all birth orders.  They are always at the center of their parents' universe.  They do not have to fear being replaced.  They do not have to constantly compete with siblings for parental attention.  They have unlimited access to their parents.  In fact, they have the most individualized parental time and attention.

    Only children can be the utmost individuals.  They are free to explore and to be who and what they want to be.  They do not have to adopt certain personas and roles like children in multichild families must do.  They have freedom, privacy, and individualized me time.  They do not have to worry about being constantly interrupted by siblings, so they can indulge in their hobbies in peace.   They are also free to fully develop themselves to their utmost human potential as they do not have any siblings to be compared to. They are the ultimate individuals.