What will modern world be like, if Napoleon conqueror Europe and become Emperor

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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    What will modern world be like, if Napoleon conqueror Europe and become Emperor of Europe?

    Image Napoleon conqeror whole Europe, formed the United Empire of Europe, with government system, similar to Emperor era Rome, he is the 1st Emperor. Each former European nation, become a state, with a prefect appointed by the Emperor and a senate. Each state have cities and towns, each with a mayor appointed by prefect and a senate. Federal has 4 Chancellors, admin, war, justice and human resource, appointed by Emperor. Rome as capital, Vatica as the Imperial palace, where Emperor live and Federal government is, after wiping out the Catholic Church, its priest, nuns is exsile or become slaves

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    Medvekomaposted 2 years ago

    The hard part about this question is understanding the mechanics that make empires work. Quick expansion needs sustainability behind it, and Napoleon didn't have that.

    However, if we hypothesize that he conquered and united Europe with no breakdown, his Empire would have still failed sooner or later. After the age of nationalism (18th century), you can't just create empires that span continents because they will shatter into distinct cultural and ethnic entities.

    Take the Hapsburg Empire for example, shattered into pieces based on ethnic demographics. Same happened to the Soviet Union and Jugoslavia. They weren't able to sustain empires with different nationalities because they demanded independence.

    This is currently happening to Britain. The British Empire already lost lots of lands, and now the big question is whether they can grant enough independence to Scotland so that they don't just leave.