Could Emperor Napoleon be a living god?

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    peter565posted 8 months ago

    Could Emperor Napoleon be a living god?

    Most religion believe gods, ghost and demons exist in spirit realm, demons reincarnate to earth to assert their tyrant rule, gods reincarnate to earth to lead us through adversity, including overthrowing demons established tyrant rule.(Men whose souls are god are call living gods) Emperor Napoleon conquered the Vatican, thus ending Catholic Church's rule of Europe, thus ending the 1000 years of dark ages and inquisition due to the Catholic Church's rule. Despite part of Europe has been liberated from church's rule by then, it wasn't all of Europe and not even the Mongols conquer the Vatican.

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    Oztinatoposted 8 months ago

    One of the common stereotypes of incurable chronic schizophrenia is the hallucination that a person is themselves "Napoleon". I guess your question takes this to the next level and posits a "religion" that worships Napoleon. Delusions of grandeur are typical symptoms of chronic incurable schizophrenia.

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    manatita44posted 8 months ago

    Reads like a mixture of myths, history, inquisitiveness and accusations, even if unintentional, which I suspect.

    Napolean was God in so far that we are all spirit; all made in the image of God -- one Source. We can say, perhaps, that he was a great Vibhuti  --someone sent by the divine for a very specific role. It can take a wholesome or non-wholesome form, according to the Will of the Supreme. All come from this.