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Why do inner city schools have more severe discipline problems than schools in o

  1. LoliHey profile image55
    LoliHeyposted 2 years ago

    Why do inner city schools have more severe discipline problems than schools in other areas?

  2. ArianaLove profile image74
    ArianaLoveposted 2 years ago

    From my own teaching experience, and I've taught in all types of areas,  it seems as though the inner city students come from more broken homes where there is less discipline at home. Less discipline at home translates to more discipline problems at school because they aren't raised to know any better. But they're still good kids. From 14 years of teaching, some of my favorites are from inner city schools.

  3. YvetteParker profile image76
    YvetteParkerposted 2 years ago

    The demographics and socioeconomic status of most inner city schools is significantly different than other schools. Also, inner city schools tend to be overcrowded with larger less diverse student populations than schools in other areas. These larger populations usually translate to increased levels of consistent disruptive behaviors and discipline problems that escalate as children feed off each other and emulate the negative behaviors that so heavily influence them.

  4. Dean Traylor profile image95
    Dean Traylorposted 2 years ago

    There's an unspoken reality not often mentioned about inner schools. They have to compete with the environment they're located in. Students see the hustler, gangsta or thugs on the street making bank -- sometimes a few feet away from the campus. They see them being feared and sometimes respected by the community. Some students see that power and see school as a joke that will not fulfill their immediate needs.
    Also, many come from hard lives -- broken, dysfunctional families is a huge factor.