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To successful parents out there, what advice would you give a college/advanced s

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 23 months ago

    To successful parents out there, what advice would you give a college/advanced school

    graduate who ADAMANTLYstates that h/she'll wait for a career which is commensurate w/his/her educational level or strongly related to his/her college/graduate school major & WON'T take just any job-adding that h/she'll wait out the situation even if it takes YEARS to get the job at hand?Furthermore, what more advice would you give this college/advanced school graduate who will inform you that Mcjobs(jobs that don't require college) are dead end jobs which will  LEAD to life-time poverty? Would you let him/her wait even for years until h/she gets a college/graduate school level job?


  2. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 23 months ago

    They need to learn that the world isn't handed to you on a silver platter. No one is going to give you a high paying job with full benefits unless you're one of the only nuclear engineers, brain surgeons, pharmacists willing to work nights and weekends.
    Teach them that all good things come to you as the result of a mix of hard work and seizing the opportunity, and sitting on your butt waiting for the perfect job that will never arrive is NEITHER of these things.
    Send them to work full time in a related field instead of doing nothing, working part time in the industry while job hunting to gain experience and still earn some money.
    I am against working at start ups for free for the promise of stock benefits that will never come (observed this with others) or intern doing full salaried employed work for the hope of a job (don't expect to paid well if they do hire you, and not all do).

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    peter565posted 23 months ago

    In my experience that is a very poor life decision.

    Speaking from personal experience, I came from a wealthy family, technically I never really have to work, if I don't want to, but in my opinion, an adult man, should be self dependent or you are less as a man and still having to take money from home, is embarrassment. So, once after high school, I start looking for a job to support myself during college.

    This didn't settle well with my mum, who came from a very wealthy family, but my grandpa cut him off, once he turned 18 so he had to work to support himself and had no time to enjoy life, he have always been very angry at my grandpa for it and remain the case till date, so since long ago he decide, if he become rich again, his kids won't have to go through what he went through and can afford to not work and still enjoy life.

    So, my mum was dead set against me getting a job, technically speaking, he gave me more then enough money and freedom to be a rich spoil kid, so I can be that if I wanted to. But, that is against everything I believe in, so I never do it, because I didn't have a job and I have moral issue for been over 20 and still taking money from home, it mean, my life, was dominate by stuck in the library to study, coming home eat, watch TV and sleep and nothing much else to it. I still try to find a job and my mum was so angry about it, he use to stand in front of my room, with a kitchen knife to stop me from going to job interviews, basically, it was WW3 at home, 24/7 because of this.

    My mum was also very angry about the fact, I refuse to date and never had a girl friend and always say "I give you more then enough allowance to take a girl to nice places, but you always sit back and do nothing, even let other guys steal away girls who like you, I am so angry at you!!!" Call me old fashion, but I still believe a man is suppose to be able to provide for his woman, with his own two hands, so like hell I am taking a girl out on a date, using my parent's money, so, if my mum is against me working, I rather have somebody dug out my eyes, then date.

    After graduating from uni, it become obvious, no employer in their right mind, would use somebody, who was 24 and had so little experience. I spend the next few years, going through one temp job that make less then minimum wage to another, half the time, don't even have a job, till I finally had enough and try start my own business, only succeed after many failure and isn't making much

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    Ken Burgessposted 23 months ago

    There are a lot of variables to that, what were they educated in, what are their current means, where do they live (NY city vs Okie-dokie Nebraska) etc. etc.

    Someone who comes from a family of means that has the ability to fund a business venture or their finding gainful employment suitable for them, is one thing.  Someone who has no support and cannot even afford a car to commute to and from a distant job is another.

    College degrees are worth as much... or as little... as the field demands.  If they got a degree in Fashion Design and now dwell in a small town in Nebraska... they are out of luck, that degree isn't worth the paper it is printed on.  If they got a degree in Nursing, then this question wouldn't be posted right now.... they would be working somewhere probably making a very good salary.

    I'd rather have a tech degree, and be an HVAC guy or a licensed Plumber... than have a general liberal arts degree, or fine arts, or sociology, or any of the many near useless degrees they produce these days.