Being unkown and safe, or famous but always searched by everyone?

  1. Alessio Ganci profile image64
    Alessio Ganciposted 18 months ago

    Being unkown and safe, or famous but always searched by everyone?

    What do you prefer in your life? Being famous (so for example, a Hollywood actor) and always under pressure, full of fans but also of detractors... obliged to move with a bodyguard because you are always at risk of getting assaulted by crazy fans or detractors...

    Or it is better to be unknown but safe and completely free to go anywhere without risks?

    What of the two life models would you prefer and why?

  2. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 18 months ago

    It all depends upon the desire of the person. There is the unknown person who is very comfortable, even rejoicing in his/her anonymity.  H/she feels that h/she can do as h/she pleases w/o so-called prying eyes.  There is the other unknown person who feels that h/she is quite insignificant, wishing to be more famous for at least h/she have an imprint of one form or another in society, culture, & civilization.  This unknown person hates being nondescript, knowing that once h/she dies, well, his/her traces are gone......NO MORE.......

    There is the famous/known person who wants, even craves his/her privacy.  H/she believe that his/her fame isn't synonymous w/being constantly bombarded whether by media or fans.  H/she contends that being famous is a job, nothing more, nothing less. H/she asserts that despite being famous, h/she is a......PERSON.  Then there is the famous person who THRIVES on being seen.  His/her reasoning is that THE MORE h/she is seen, THE BETTER.  To him/her, being famous is his/her lifeblood.   His/her premise is.......BRING IT ON, I'M READY-MY TIME TO SHINE......