Why are varying branches of the media OBSESSED w/the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie di

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    gmwilliamsposted 17 months ago

    Why are varying branches of the media OBSESSED w/the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie divorce when there....

    are FAR MORE IMPORTANT NEWS than the Pitt/Jolie trivia?


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    Cissy1946posted 17 months ago

    This is a very good question. I've never understood the American obsession with celebrities. When I was a teenager I went through the same awe and fascination with them that I assumed was normal but it was one of those things that got left behind with high school. Maybe that's part of the answer. So many people seem to still be tethered to their high school friends, attitudes, and beliefs that the fascination/obsession with celebrities is normal and natural to them.

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    Setank Setunkposted 17 months ago

    The Media is providing the useless sports and entertainment garbage that most low brow Americans like. Few people are aware or even care about the peace agreement between Colombian Government and FARC; not to mention the watershed significance it represents.
    People don't care about European Government suppression of sex slave and sex abuse rings ran by Muslims. They do not care that Mexico's unsolved crime rate is 93%. Or that tiny Andorra's disproportionately huge Banking industry is being accused of money laundering.
    In fact most people who want to respond to this will have to Google news abstracts in order to present themselves as knowledgeable on the subjects. We have a 24 hour news cycle, so why can't we here about all of this. Some people blame the Media, but all I know is I can't get Deutsche Welle  through my local cable company because there is no market for it. In other words people are not interest in legitimate news.