Have 20th Century library books now become "primary source" documents?

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    Oztinatoposted 15 months ago

    Have 20th Century library books now become "primary source" documents?

    Due to rampant false "post truth" , primary source material needs to be consulted to obtain accurate factual knowledge.
    Actual books have suddenly become the new primary source evidence to counteract internet misinformation. Particularly history.


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    kbdressmanposted 15 months ago

    No.  There are primary sources and secondary sources and reliable sources and unreliable sources.  A true primary source is still a first hand account or a document created during the time in question when it comes to history.  That being said, not all sources are created equal.  I've had many school assignments that asked me to specifically find books or journal articles for two reasons.  A) Because the professor wanted to make sure we knew how to use a library (How sad is that?! I love libraries!) B) Because those sources are more likely to be peer reviewed and are usually more accurate. 

    When writing a piece it's important to use a wide variety of sources.  This will allow the writer to see the topic from different angles and it allows the writer to obtain some degree of certainty about whether or not the facts he/she is gleaning are accurate.  Primary sources should be quoted whereever possible.  Reliable secondary sources  should be used to fill in the gaps and to read different analices of whatever is being studied.  Unreliable sources should be passed over so their inaccuracies aren't perpetuated.

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    lisavollrathposted 15 months ago

    A primary source is a firsthand account, regardless of media.

    Not every library book contains firsthand information, and not every firsthand account is written in a book. Films, photos, videos, letters, and even blog posts can be considered primary sources.

    And trust me, since I live in Texas, the land of revisionist history: not every history book in the library is accurate, or based on firsthand accounts. Some of them are just as crazy as the misinformation online.

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