The Bridge: Where Are You? WE are emerging from our past where we put faith in s

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    threekeysposted 14 months ago

    The Bridge: Where Are You? WE are emerging from our past where we put faith in someone or .....

    something (religion, political idealogy, profession, organization). Thinking we need to someone to be our Guru, our Leader. So the cycle of heirachy continues. What if it is time to make it okay to be oneself and yet a sibling to all? If the latter is the case, what guidelines would we need to make that happen?

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    BreunaMposted 14 months ago

    I think I know what you're asking and from what I interpreted from my personal experience of living(currently) in the Bible Belt, its almost physically AND mentally impossible at this point. For men to realize that we create mental stabilities, under pressure or hardships of life, of a higher up or a God that can fix anything, we have to first realize how the human brain works. Imaginary friends help kids to deal with stresses of their young lives, as of God to those old enough to understand His "true" power. God or any other religion higher up is a therapist to most, they help people with stressful situations and bring hope to ones mind. At this point in time, so much change and independence's is happening among us that we fear open minded-ness. A man sees something different walking down a street or a person verbally speaking their minds about life, then he goes home to pray for it to change because he is scared of the unknown. The Baby Boomers and a small portion after, are currently the most religious people on the earth. For they grew up in a time where, praising a man for hope and money, was something you do everyday. While they were a high number of children themselves, a high number of them had children, which caused many of the 21st century young adults to believe in what they did as children. So, now you're talking about at least 70% of the country believe in a singular well known religion as Christianity. I believe in due time, not in our lifespans, that number will decrease and hopefully one day be at a minimum of 20%. Sadly, as of now, we can't mentally withstand the captivity of losing our "imaginary friends" at our young ages(young ages being we as a human race, being young in total of years on earth).

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      threekeysposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      From what you have said about the Christian Belt and baby Boomers, it sounds overwhelming. Remember though, water on its own seems ineffectual. However, when water rushes by, it can erode mountains. We can do our bit and become, like rushing water.