Do You Think We Can Feed the Planet without Annihilating It? What Can We Do, Do

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  1. profile image0
    threekeysposted 22 months ago

    Do You Think We Can Feed the Planet without Annihilating It? What Can We Do, Do You Think?

    Some think what we could is reduce consumer waste, crop waste together with animal consumption. What else could we do?

  2. savvydating profile image95
    savvydatingposted 22 months ago

    Even in the event of a nuclear explosion, the earth would rebuild itself. It does not need humans to do that.
    That is Basic physics.
    That is not to say we are not to be responsible stewards of the earth. As inhabitants, we must care for the earth. It is our gift. Regarding consumption of meat, I would not deny that privilege to any individual. Some people need meat in their diet for health reasons, while others simply enjoy eating meat. That is all well and good, provided the meat is not wasted.
    In short, we all need to utilize a common sense approach for avoiding waste. Some current laws are useful, while others actually cause greater problems in other areas. A truly common sense review based upon economical efficiency is what is needed these days to combat waste.

  3. The Old Guard profile image71
    The Old Guardposted 22 months ago

    You know, if you gather all the people in the world, and give them 1,000 sq. feet of living space, they would only fill up AZ, TX, CA, NM, NV, WA and OG.
    The rest of the planet would be empty, and you could grow food and raise animals for food.
    All depends on what the people of the world want.
    Most want greed, corruption and control of others, not what is for the benefit of mankind.
    Such is the nature of the human condition.
    The answer is get along with each other and work for the benefit of each other.
    Capitalism works best at this, socialism works the worst.

  4. tamarawilhite profile image90
    tamarawilhiteposted 22 months ago

    We have the ability to feed around 8-9 billion people now if we eliminated a lot of food waste in the West by throwing out products that aren't picture perfect, losses to insects and pests and lack of refrigeration in the developed world and feeding less to livestock. Stop giving cattle and pigs grain, and we could feed around 10-12 billion people, and while there'd be fewer livestock and meat prices would rise, it isn't the same as forcing everyone to be vegetarian.
    We'd be able to feed even more if we abandoned biofuels that use food products (so no corn to the gas tank but wood ethanol is fine). One gas tank of ethanol is enough corn to feed a kid for a year.


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