Technology is here to stay. What are some ways teachers need to handle technolo

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    sholland10posted 13 months ago

    Technology is here to stay.  What are some ways teachers need to handle technology in education?

    Technology is a wonderful tool, but it is also a painful transition from teacher-centered and controlled classroom.  How do teachers deal with texting, plagiarism, Googling for answers, problem solving, information sharing, inappropriate use of smartphones, laptops, etc., and/or attention-span. 

    Technology is a wonderful tool in the classroom, but there are problems.  Please share your ideas and strategies and other problems and solutions.

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 13 months ago

    It is no different than when the calculator replaced human math skills. Let them use the technology to get their answers, but then make them put it into their own words and personalize it.

    If the subject is English, then ask them to write using the correct grammar, and not in their texting language. If it is history, then dates and names are not as important as to what the impact those events had on history.

    Google and Internet search gives a lot of information, and in many cases much too much information. The teaching comes into play to make the student think, and that is the same with, and without technology.

    Even in the so called fact filled environment of science, students can be asked to think. The Big Bang and Einstein's Relativity are still even today just theories. And maybe one of today's students might have a better more accurate theory. Even today, scientists are still perplexed by space, not the universe, but the actual void between stuff in the universe. Einstein never completed his grand unification theory, and that was because of gravity, and the contents of space.

    Even the consensus of whether light is a wave or a particle may be totally misleading.
    My point is that even with technology teachers and teaching can do what they always have done, make the students think.