What in essence makes a thriving educational system to pull up everyone?

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    threekeysposted 3 years ago

    What in essence makes a thriving educational system to pull up everyone?

    South Korea is the leader with Finland to follow in being examples of leaders in education. Both are different. Simply put, South Korea is TOTAL technology with long school days till 5pm and over. Having top and inspiring teachers. Finland has sorter days, allows for more creativity and play. Teachers include children's needs and their needs as they particpate in the construction and maintenance of their schools. Both South Korea and Finland produce children excelling at science and maths. What do you think is the better way foward?

  2. Ericdierker profile image57
    Ericdierkerposted 3 years ago

    Bhutan is crazy about this stuff, even going so far as to suggest that wealth and healthcare are not that important in gauging the well being (GNP) of a nation. The are all giddy that they are the happiest nation of earth. Very interesting in that really close to none but high level rulers have any wealth so how would the people know. It is an empirical quagmire.

    Same with educational systems that dream up their own testing constructs. South Korean kids are at the lowest end of this notion of happiness as well being. Finish children are not required to work and can be fully subsidized by their unique brand of socialism.
    Through the cracks of the South Korean and Finish systems rise up great thinkers. But in truth those are the ones that escaped.

    Systems do not create thinkers. Systems provide a base and if they are good do not inhibit learners.
    "Core" are just fine and help to create some assurance of quality - low assurance to be sure, but a base line.

    We are becoming this system that slow Johnny is just as smart as fast Johnny. In our soccer matches for children we have two winning teams. We are fully losing our respect for advanced exceptional learning and talent in an exchange for everyone is the same and equal. What bull....
    We are only created equal in the eyes of God and Law. I am smarter that 9/10's of people and better educated than 99%. OMG I just said that publicly. I am a horrible man.  Exactly that recoil from hard work and gifted talent is killing the USA.

    Our systems are fantastic. It is this cultural gut refusal to accept that slow Johnny is not as bright as fast brilliant Johnny that is ruining our competitiveness. Believe me, in South Korea. Top of the class in scores is almost a hero. Held up, something to strive for and fully recognized like our highly talented pro athletes that are as dumb as a post. Movie stars that get their from their looks, lead people in social advancement? Really? What a messed up value system.

  3. Natalie Frank profile image95
    Natalie Frankposted 3 years ago

    There are several obvious approaches to improving education such that it addresses the needs of all students which are not always implemented. The clearest of these is investing in training excellent teachers. This means committing to continuing education so teachers can advance their skills, good pay with regular raises/bonuses for exceptional outcomes, providing feedback, providing additional recognition of excellent teaching & a mentoring system. Commiting to high quality teachers also means conducting continuous research on how best to train teachers to ensure a minimum standard of knowledge/skill level. Personality & interpersonal awareness along with the ability to impart knowledge in developmentally appropriate ways to engage & excite students while making them feel like their education &r future are important to the teacher is equally crucial. Developing a system to evaluate these types of factors such that it is standard practice is an important objective. Completing classes successfully along with teaching practice is not enough to determine that someone will be an effective teacher.There needs to be more stringent requirements & evaluations in place to ensure that it doesn’t take excessive recruitment efforts to hire one of the relatively few stellar teachers. The majority if not all teachers who are certified should be stellar teachers. Teacher certification should mean something besides completed classwork, teaching practice and passing an exam.

    Incorporating the concept of Mutliple Intelligences into education would ensure focus on each students potential by recognize the different types of intelligence & the benefits of targeting teaching to student's primary intelligence type (see more at http://www.facdev.niu.edu/facdev/_pdf/g … gences.pdf)  Related to this is recognizing that student's have different learning styles & applying this in the classroom (see more at http://www.getadministrate.com/blog/how … ng-styles/).

    These last two points emphasize the importance of understanding & addressing individual differences in student needs. Research examining ways to accomplish this & making teaching based on individual differences normative will make this goal possible. While there are numerous other factors that would enhance education the points mentioned here would go a long way to helping ensure that each student succeeds educationally & achieves their potential.

  4. profile image55
    Norine Williamsposted 3 years ago

    I only have a BA in Psychology and don't know what statistics or professionals say but I feel that I learned more in my elementary years than in a four year college!  I don't know if it's because I re-entered school to earn my BA late in life and it seemed it was all such a "rush" but it didn't allow me to absorb much of the information!

    Have you seen Little House on the Prairie?  Did you notice all grade levels were in the same classroom?  Well, that's how my early childhood development years in education were; all levels in the same classroom through the eighth grade! "Repetitiveness" is the Key! 

    Of course, it was a time of segregation and Blacks didn't have money for "After/Before School Care" therefore, the teacher taught us from 7AM to 5PM which allowed time for our parents to work!  We were in a small rural community (Population approximately 300) therefore the class consisted of approximately 20-25 children!  The (one) teacher had total control!  It was nothing to receive lashes on legs with a belt for disobedience with 'no repercussions!' 

    We were aligned in the classroom by grade level with first graders being on the front row and eighth graders in back.  Because of discipline, you could hear a pin fall when the teacher was teaching another grade level.  Consequently, first graders were exposed to eighth grade material which created redundancy for all grade levels and smarter children!

    PTA was once a month which was very exciting for me because each grade level had competition in math by teacher giving math problem to opponents on blackboard and whoever arrived at the answer first within that grade level would win!  Spelling bees the same!   

    There were no laws preventing entry into elementary school and a child could test as young as five to enter first grade!  Today, children should be allowed testing for entry at the age of three because they are much more advanced than we were! I was blessed in that I have an older sister who began teaching me at the age of three and by the time I was four, I could read; therefore, at age five, I was allowed to enter first grade!

    We always began our day with the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, and prayer!  Discipline was enforced but the "Key" to our success was "Repetitiveness!" 

    There were no "slow Johnnies" because the teacher worked with each child (as others remained quite) until the child was on level.  It was a "true"  "No Child Left Behind" setting!


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