How is the large family pathological to the point of being aberrant? How child

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    gmwilliamsposted 12 months ago

    How is the large family pathological to the point of being aberrant?   How children from large

    families have poor outcomes such as juvenile delinquency, gang membership, criminal behavior, teen pregnancy, & low academic achievement?   How are children from large families the LEAST educated & the MOST impoverished as adults, yet continuing the cycle for large families & poverty?    Logical & intelligent  answers only-any answer praising the large family will be deleted.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 12 months ago

    When you can't take care of the ones you have but choose to have another, it is pathological denial of reality.
    This definition does allow for one person being able to responsibly raise 6 and have a seventh while a woman who can't handle 2 children shouldn't have a third.

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    gmwilliamsposted 12 months ago

    The large family is the culture of negativity in all its forms.It is the culture of scarcity, poverty, & struggle.It is a harsh, unloving culture where there is constant struggle just to survive.There is no parental love & attention in large families.The attention given to children in large families is negative attention in terms of verbal, even physical abuse.

    Child neglect is common in large families.Children learn to raise themselves & each other.Parents are harsh, even cruel in large families as children are viewed as tolerable burdens at best & noisome nuisances at worse. Children aren't viewed as precious in large families- they are......JUST THERE.

    In large families, the emphasis is on survival-bare, basic instinctive survival at the most primitive level. A lifestyle beyond the primitive level is suspect in large families. Poverty is viewed as quite normal, even a badge of honor in large families.Large families look down, even deride affluent people as extravagant. Large families are of the school that constant struggle builds character.

    There is no emphasis on education, culture, & intellectual achievement in large families.There is no books nor any form of intellectual paraphernalia in the homes of large families.The large family environment is a backward environment which explains why children from large families are low academic achievers & have lower IQs than their counterparts in small families. Dr. Zajonc, a social psychologist did a study which stated that children who grew up in an environment w/mostly children are more intellectually mature than children who grew up in an environment surrounded by adults. 

    Children from large families have a more rudimentary, elementary vocabulary than children who come from small families as the former are either taught by siblings or learn on their own while the latter are taught by their parents. Parents of large families don't believe in educating & teaching their children. They believe that siblings should do that or let the child learn on his/her own. 

    Since parents of large families don't interact w/their children, the children are left to their own devices. This can also mean gravitating towards negative activities.Since they don't receive love at home, they seek love elsewhere & many times the consequences can be quite negative. Children in large families have to work early. They have to drop out of school to supplement family income thus the cycle of poverty continues.