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What factors influence trends?

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    S Mareeposted 8 months ago

    What factors influence trends?

    Fashions, foods, attitudes, literary preferences, colors, entertainment, historical perspectives, and many more, develop trends that change with time.  What kicks them off? What stops or shelves them?  Remember how Victorian antiques were hot (1980-2000)?  Skinny eyeglasses (2000-2010)? Open Concept schools (1970's)?  Where does today's media fit in the equation?  Why do we adhere to trends?  Why do we buck them?  Are we accelerating the changing of trends?   Why do some defy the test of time?  Please, no grinding of axes or soapboxing.

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    dashingscorpioposted 8 months ago


    Every generation  wants to put it's on stamp on society.
    It's usually youth and entertainers that spark new trends.
    However in most instances society is fickle or gets bored easily.
    Therefore we're always looking for something new or fresh to get excited about. Stagnant is viewed as antiquated.

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      S Mareeposted 8 months agoin reply to this

      Short & well thought out!  Thank you!

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    tsmogposted 8 months ago

    To my understanding, a trend is a result of something novel or unique to the status quo of one or more of what you mentioned in the supplemental. Trends occur within a group of who knows what size. It can be a single person, the world population, or phenomena such as weather. Interestingly a trend can become traditional or conventional to the extent it is the status quo. With people, it can disappear perhaps fading, dropped like a lead weight, or even stopped by some authority.

    With people, I think what influences trends the most is acceptance combined with the willingness to change. That may be seen as a rebellious intention regard the status quo. So, perhaps a rebellious spirit influences trends leading to the possibility of becoming traditional. Then again it may be wisdom.

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      S Mareeposted 8 months agoin reply to this

      Boy, this is good!  Interesting to mention that authority can and often has, tromped a trend.  Just think where the Reformation might have gone if the Catholic Church hadn't eradicated (or tried to) Albigensianism in the 12th & 13th Centuries?