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What factors influence a woman to believe that she needs a man to validate her o

  1. Naeh816 profile image55
    Naeh816posted 7 years ago

    What factors influence a woman to believe that she needs a man to validate her or define who she is?

    Why do women rely on men to make them feel good about themselves?

  2. Apostle Jack profile image60
    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    iF not for the man,the women would have not survived.
    Billions and billions of men have died to protect the women
    and children first,otherwise,they would have not made it.
    Women seem to have very little or no gratitude
    concerning this matter or reconition.
    It was the man that walk with God before He
    created woman.They was given the frist knowledge
    of God to humankind.That make them more responsible,and a Leader of the household.
    Some women will never know a man and some men will never know a women because of delication
    to one or the other of endevors.

  3. profile image0
    Georgiana85posted 7 years ago

    Blame it on society, women don't need man for anything, they can do anything by themselves. And another think, I believe that men need just as much or even more validation and definition, because at the basics we are all the same are we not? It's normal to search for those things and it's normal for someone with a slightly weaker character to be influenced by someone with a stronger one. Often us men make you galls feel less good about yourselves but yes there are happier couples that are doing alright.


  4. Great Diadem profile image71
    Great Diademposted 7 years ago

    Sweetheart, your question today and mine  http://hubpages.com/question/48548/what … ur-society   seem to run parallel because while mine is seeking an escape from such pressures, yours is somehow asking what how these pressures came about. People of developed countries of the world have things so easy that women can easily be very independent and fight for their happiness. In undeveloped countries of the world the reverse is the case, the society therein is almost like a web of norms and cultures that are harsh on women and tend to push them to such tight corners that some of us end up taking whatever comes our way if that will make them look good and respected before the society. So many ladies just cling to Mr. whatever just to be married like others, a handful of times I would have settled for that too but each time I tell myself the truth that this isn't what I want and back off.
    People like you who live in developed places won't really understand this you know.  I live in the caribbean where the divorce rate is much and I use to proudly tell friends that marriage in my native Africa is the best as people stick together for better for worse.(It's even a taboo to be divorced too) but recently I started wondering whether the reason why women stick to their marriage is not because things are so hard that they are afraid of going out there to stand on their own so they stay therein to be taken care of even when she is unhappy in it.I am thinking of writing a book on what women go through in my part of the world which is why I decided to seek the views of people of different cultures on that.

  5. shellyakins profile image70
    shellyakinsposted 7 years ago

    In literature and movies there the story-lines for women are limited.  No matter how strong and determined they seem, they usually deffer to men (or love) in the end.  We need good models for young girls to follow both in fiction and in real life to let them know what's possible.

  6. Citlali Garcia profile image62
    Citlali Garciaposted 7 months ago

    Usually it's has a lot to do with how someone grew up. It can range from insecurities, divorced parents, bullying, etc. For example, neither my sister nor I grew up with our father. Because we lacked that father figure, my sister and I grew up with abandonment issues. This caused my sister to feel lonely and to develop the need to have someone. This is just one of many examples. Women are naturally, or as society illustrates, subordinate to men. That is why we instinctively feel the desire to have a male figure by our side. This is especially true when it comes to girls who deal with insecurity or trust issues. A girl who deals with such problems will delight in knowing someone loves her and sees her as someone special.