What makes some people in the United States believe that they should be given fr

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  1. gmwilliams profile image84
    gmwilliamsposted 23 months ago

    What makes some people in the United States believe that they should be given free services,

    even going as far to expect others to foot THE BILL for such services?   Have some American people become THAT ENTITLED?


  2. lisavollrath profile image93
    lisavollrathposted 23 months ago

    I think you have to clarify which "free" services you mean.

    Protection from police and fire departments? They come, regardless of how much a person pays in taxes, or whether they've ever paid taxes at all. They come because having a safe community is of benefit to everyone. Society, as a whole, benefits from everyone pitching into the kitty, according to their means, so that laws are obeyed, and houses don't burn down.

    Driving on roads and bridges, managed by traffic lights, repaired by cities and states? All of us benefit from having these things, and are free to use them, regardless of how much we pay in taxes, or if we pay them at all. Businesses benefit. The community benefits. We don't ask people to pay to use each road (except in the case of toll roads).

    Public schools? We all pay taxes for those. I have no children, so should I be exempt from paying for the education of all your freeloading kids? No, because I benefit from having public schools in my neighborhood, in property values, and in not having a bunch of uneducated kids with nothing to do all day running around like heathens. I pay for this thing that I will never use, for the good of my community. Do we tell kids whose parents don't, or can't, pay taxes that they can't go to school? Nope.

    So, these probably weren't the things you were thinking of when you wrote this question. I'm sure this is about healthcare, or food stamps, or any of the other social programs that people of your ilk call "entitlements". Social programs that help people who need it. Programs that benefit our society as a whole. If there are fewer homeless people in my community because of social programs, if everyone is fed and healthy---those things make my community better. I do not object in paying slightly higher taxes to ensure that I do not live in a place where people are living on the streets, or dying on them, or starving on them.

    I will never understand the whole "I've got mine, now to hell with the rest of you" mentality of people who resent social programs. Not everyone starts life from a place of privilege. Some people need a little help. Helping those who are less fortunate, and who truly need it, is a good thing. Having worked in outreach programs in poor neighborhoods, I know what a difference even the smallest, most underfunded programs can make.

    Maybe try volunteering for one of those programs for a few months, and meet the people who use them, and then let's talk about "entitlements".

    1. ptosis profile image65
      ptosisposted 23 months agoin reply to this

      Yes, I'm shocked an appalled that some people expect to drive on roads without paying toll fees for usage! Shocking! ;0

  3. Austinstar profile image85
    Austinstarposted 23 months ago

    I'm sure people don't expect "free" services. I had a friend who really needed extra help, she was poor, had cancer, and all her savings were wiped out in the blink of an eye.
    She hesitated to ask for help. But as her cancer spread and she got worse she finally had to.
    When she worked, she was able to pay taxes, just as everyone does. But she didn't think this money was hers anymore.
    Reality is that all of us pay taxes and it IS our money! The government is supposed to work for us! When this changed, I don't know. Our government would not exist without US.
    All government debt is our debt. The fat cats in politics now seem to believe that yes, the debt belongs to the people, but not to them. They seem to think they are entitled to spend our money on their own special interests, like big war machines, and private profit prisons, or whatever their pet projects are.
    They don't give a crap about "the people". It's like going back to taxes without representation. No one in the government seems to care about the people who pay the taxes to fund infrastructure and national welfare of citizens.
    We could be the richest country on Earth if our money was spent correctly. But let's spend 8 Billion dollars on a single bomb, so the war machine can clap their hands and say, "See! We're protecting you!"
    We have to take food and healthcare away from our own citizens in order to fund all of these wasteful projects. What a nice government we have.

  4. pagesvoice profile image85
    pagesvoiceposted 23 months ago

    Whenever I hear the term "entitlements" I do a major burn! The way the word is used (derogatory for the most part) reminds me when kids play the game "opposites." When the Washington elites propose more obscene tax breaks for the rich when they can well afford to pay their fair share...to me, that's an "entitlement." Actually, tax breaks for the wealthy are real "welfare" for them paid for on the backs of the blood, sweat, and tears of the middle-class and poor working-class.

    If you are looking for an answer regarding healthcare then I can address that too. Don't you think something is inherently wrong when Mitch McConnell postpones a vote on our health care waiting for John McCain' to be out of the hospital after receiving his FREE, government paid for health care that we can't get?

    Things are upside down and inside out in this country. No one should be "entitled" to better healthcare then someone else.

    "Entitlements" seem to only apply to the wealthy and politicians who are the biggest users of our tax dollars. We need to change the narrative.

    1. ptosis profile image65
      ptosisposted 23 months agoin reply to this

      Great answer!

  5. dashingscorpio profile image86
    dashingscorpioposted 23 months ago


    A government of the people by the people essentially means citizens have a right to say how their taxpayer money is going to be spent.
    The government for lack of better word is only acting as a bank and distributor of finances it forced the people to pay into.
    Whether it be sales tax, gasoline tax, federal/state/local taxes or property taxes it's all sent to the government from the citizens. Our debate is just over how that money is spent.
    The term "entitlements" seems to indicate the "government" is giving people something for nothing. However in reality it's money everyone has given to it via various taxes!
    One way or another the government is going to spend the money whether it's on increased military spending, putting a man on mars, fighting wars/terrorism, educational programs, foreign aide, social security, Medicaid, Medicare, or whatever else.
    Anyone who purchased anything and paid a tax has sent money to the government.
    At the end of the day it's almost like 330 million people have a huge joint account where various factions fight over how the money should be spent or invested.
    People are just voicing their opinion on how they believe their money should be spent. Some favor social programs more than others. Everyone is "entitled" to have a say regarding spending.

    1. Austinstar profile image85
      Austinstarposted 23 months agoin reply to this



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