What happened to the concepts of....ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY in America?

  1. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 22 months ago

    What happened to the concepts of....ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY in America?

    What makes those who are poor or down & out feel that others & the government should SUPPORT them & give them a MIDDLE CLASS lifestyle? When will they realize that they are poor or down & out because of their UNINTELLIGENT LIFE CHOICES? 


  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 22 months ago


    Every civilized nation that is not a "third world" country has some social programs. Each country seeks to establish a "floor" or (minimum standard of living) for it's citizens.
    Some people are in favor of eliminating Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, meals on wheels, Welfare, Planned Parenthood, Minimum wage, Unemployment insurance, public schools, and any other thing where taxpayers dollars are spent on the less fortunate.
    According to the U.S. Census 1 in 5 people receive government assistance of some kind which is the equivalent of saying 8 out of 10 or 80% of the people do not.
    The vast majority of people want far more out of life than what the government provides.
    Very few people on welfare are truly living middleclass lifestyles. Taking a drive through the South Side of Chicago or any impoverished neighborhood of any city it's doubtful anyone would consider those areas to be "middleclass".
    Sure you might see some of them with large flat screen TVs, the latest iPhone, and other consumer items which do not appreciate or build any form of (true wealth) but that's a far cry from living a middleclass life. It's not likely anyone in the middleclass would swap places.
    A large percentage of people receiving assistance are (children) whose parents are receiving aid ideally to assist them. In other instances it's elderly people, some living in nursing homes, or the mentally ill or physically disabled people.
    When we say "the government" we're really talking about (ourselves).
    Everyone's tax dollars are in the "proverbial pot" whether you pay income tax, sales tax, gasoline taxes, or property taxes. The debate is over how that money is spent. It's been collected.
    If given a choice to put a man on Mars or provide food stamps to single mother with three children most people will opt to help the children of the single mother even though it may be her fault for making some bad choices.
    Rarely is there an example of someone who can say it's because of "entitlement programs" for others that (I) can't get ahead.
    Our anger is over the fact that we're working/sacrificing and (they) are not. It's not as if (they) are holding us back. We just hate the fact some people can be "content" with so little.
    All of us have the "opportunity" to join them but none of us want to because (we) actually do want more out of life. Some people also view social programs as a way to curtail crime rates.
    Higher poverty rates lead to higher crime rates.

  3. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 22 months ago


    Poor people in the past used to believe in the dictum of pulling themselves by the bootstraps.  They maintain that because they were born poor, this was not to be a permanent lifestyle.  They wanted better in life.  They also were pro-active regarding improving their lives.  They refused to believe that others &/or the government OWED them a better lifestyle.   Many of them worked & sacrificed in order to live a more affluent lifestyle.  They furthermore believed in positive life choices, staying clear of negative life choices. 

    Not anymore.  Many poor people now believe that others(friends, family, & other relatives) & the government through people's taxes should support them & give them a more affluent lifestyle w/no effort on the former's part.  They contend that they are poor because of THE MAN or they were just "fated" to be so.  They are angry at society because of their dire circumstances.  However,  they failed to realize that it was their UNINTELLIGENT, STUPID choices which landed them in the dire condition they are in.

    People are poor to impoverished, on average, for the following reasons: negative consciousness & outlook, adopting an anti-achievement mindset, viewing education as an exercise in futility, seeing wealth as an evil thing, adopting a passive & fatalistic outlook, acting instinctively instead of thinking logically, having children before they are ready emotionally/intellectually/psychologically/socioeconomically, & having TOO MANY children.  Poor people are poor because of their poverty mindset & mentality.  People who have an abundance mindset & mentality, even though they are poor, won't remain poor. Such people refuse to let their negative environment preclude them from being successful.

    I am so tired of the rationalizations that people make about the poor-the poor can't help it, they are oppressed, they have no opportunities, etc.  C'mon, STOP IT!  The main reason why people are poor(in America) is because of a negative/poverty mentality, being passive, making STUPID, INANE life choices, & acting w/o THINKING.  Also, poor people are SELFISH.  Yes, selfish, they act & do things w/o considering the negative ramifications of their actions on themselves, their families, & their futures.  It is time to apply TOUGH LOVE measures on the poor- that way they will either...ACT or GO UNDER.  Many Americans are slowly becoming sick of the poor.....viewing them as...EXCESS.

    Not addressing the poor who are mentally, physically, & emotionally disabled.  Also not discussing people who have fallen on TEMPORARY socioeconomic difficulties.  Not talking about the sick nor elderly poor.  These beautiful souls SHOULD BE HELPED & it is IMMORAL not to do so.   Simply addressing those who are mentally, emotionally, & physically healthy who CAN but....WON'T.  People are sick & tired of the latter who are simply coasting along in life, being socioeconomic moochers.


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