What are THE NINE WAYS that religion keeps people powerless, ignorant, & impover

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    gmwilliamsposted 6 months ago

    What are THE NINE WAYS that religion keeps people powerless, ignorant, & impoverished?


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    Sulabhaposted 6 months ago

    Practically each day carries a religious significance for these people.
    The day begins with preparation for the grand puja (ritual). This means not just one person, but many members in the family joining in. For, there is a fear then that 'God will punish us.'
    1.This means children missing school or college. Thus, remaining ignorant.
    2.An office goer reaching office, etc. late. Thus, not being considered for promotion or increment. This way, economic condition getting affected.
    3. The lady of the house remaining ignorant of the happenings around her. Thus, not able to contribute to proper upbringing of her children.
    4. This resulting in poor communication in the family leading to chaos and unhappiness.
    5. Marital life getting affected.
    6. Constantly living in fear. So no reasoning used to solve any problem.
    7. Guests being invited to partake in rituals and feasts resulting in overshooting of budget.
    8. No contribution to the society in anyway. Thus, no upbeat feeling or recognition anytime.
    9. Chances of falling victim to God men like Ram Rahim (recent case in India) and getting exploited physically and economically
    10. Grownup children inheriting debts, chaos and unhappiness in later years.