Are failures the pillars of success

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    Anahita8posted 7 months ago

    Are failures the pillars of success

    Simple question haunting the mind of a teen

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    RTalloniposted 7 months ago

    Failures can be pillars of success but it all depends on what a person does with them. How a person responds to them makes the difference.

    A positive TV commercial is of a boy going to a ball field to practice hitting, but he can't hit. Instead of being discouraged he decides he is the greatest pitcher of all time.

    Decisions like that propel people forward. Responding with a discouraging attitude can put people on the couch in a fetal position. Asking ourselves what it is we need to learn from a failure is a positive reaction that can help us move forward.

    As a Christian I am thankful to be able to ask God to make a path forward clear to me in all circumstances, whether they are big or small. He instructs those who will adjust themselves to His Word by faith in Jesus' name to take Him at His Word and state our causes at His throne of grace.

    He promises wisdom to those who will ask. The wisdom and grace He offers is not based on any merit of ours, but in the merits of Jesus the Christ who lives and intercedes on our behalf. No failure of mine is greater than His grace for He is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.

    He asks us to trust Him to help us even though we do not always understand His ways. How could we, though, in our finite state begin to completely understand the infinite Creator God? What He has revealed to us now is enough to guide us.

    It is a wonderfully magnificent thing to have the peace and hope He gives even in the face of a failure. Eternity will bring His people more understanding of all that He is and we will be unfettered by all that causes failures. 

    Today, I praise Him for daily help, guidance, and comfort, especially when confronted with a personal failure!

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    Necento antoposted 7 months ago

    Hey there,
    I think failure is a part of our life and if we do not fail at certain point in our lives we would never understand our limitations or how we can improve ourselves and do better next time. When we fail, we should not lose heart and think about it all the time, what we should do is find other ways to be successful. If you have failed in your life then you will truly appreciate success because you would understand how hard you worked to be successful.
    Failure is not end of life instead its the beginning of success.
    What's important is that we never give up, because if we give up we will always be a failure, we should take failure as an opportunity to learn and make ourselves better.