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Do you agree that failure damages, even ruins chances for success? Why? Why no

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 17 months ago

    Do you agree that failure damages, even ruins chances for success?  Why?  Why not?

    Our society & culture deride failures, such people are viewed as losers in the scope of things.  Many times people who fail are seen as damaged goods, even as pariahs to be avoided & set as examples as to what NOT TO DO. 


  2. profile image61
    Belisariusgwposted 17 months ago

    In my opinion, that rests entirely on how the individual perceives failure.

    If said individual understands that we all have the ability to frame our circumstances in life in whatever way we want, he/she will utilize it as a stepping stone. The most successful people in history were often the ones who used failure as a jettison of sorts to soar to higher plateus of achievement.

    If the individual in question birches and moans like a little girl about the obstacles that befall them in life, or course failure will hinder them greatly.

  3. threekeys profile image80
    threekeysposted 17 months ago

    I also think its up to how the individual interprets the result. I mean when you try something new how many people make a success of it first go?
    Then there are societal, cultural beliefs/standards as to what defines one as a failure or as a success. On top of that you also have your own internal personal definition of what failure and success means to you. There is a saying that goes, " everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid". So to me I understand this saying as, everyone succeeds when they find their own personal niche in life. Some get there faster. Some a bit slower. And just maybe for a few they don't quite find it this lifetime. However, it doesn't necessarily mean they are a failure.

  4. Express10 profile image89
    Express10posted 17 months ago

    In my life I've seen that failure can ruin chances of success and for some and for others it can be a learning moment. Failure or success is in the hands of the individual and we also must remember while often there may be some outside factors affecting a person I do believe that in many cases one's failure is a result of their actions, in-actions and unfortunate certain outside issues that are not in their control.

    You have people who know that drugs are horrible before they even begin them, but still they play with fire and ruin their lives (and the lives in their families and communities) while saying they'll quit...tomorrow, the next day, next week, month, etc. There are people who know other crimes are against the law but commit them anyway and get caught, repeatedly. You may know of a mooch that has accomplished nothing in life, living at home leeching off the family but contributing nothing. They are a failure and those who enable them are enabling a failure to their very own detriment as well.

    On top of the individual's choices there are outside factors that are not within their control as well. This is why it is so important to do your best in each specific situation and inform yourself, ask questions, prepare, etc. When this is not possible you are limited to past experience, instinct, etc. which may or may not work in your favor. Not all things will work in your favor, well prepared or not however, for things most important to you, it's important to prepare to win. Not preparing/not planning is asking to fail.

  5. tamarawilhite profile image90
    tamarawilhiteposted 17 months ago

    Edison's many failures come to mind as counter-evidence.
    I'm trying to remember who said the key to success is failing faster.

    Failure only kills your chances from success if you give up and stop trying, though you are crazy if you're not at least changing your methods in response to repeated failures.

  6. grand old lady profile image85
    grand old ladyposted 16 months ago

    The only way to learn is to learn from your mistakes. In that sense, failure is as much an opportunity as it is a setback. We don't learn by constantly living a life full of vacations. But it is also dependent on the person to learn from his or her mistakes. That is one life skill no one can do without. If you don't change because of failure, you can very well be a lost cause.

  7. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 16 months ago


    Failure can & oftentimes ruins changes for success.  People are taught to avoid failure if possible & for the correct reasons.  When a person fails, h/she has to start at the beginning again.  This is a regression of events.  One is supposed to progress, not regress.   The more one fails, the further behind h/she is in comparison to those who succeed as the task at hand.  For example, a child who fails his/her classes & is left back has to start yet again-he is behind while his/her classmates who are in a succedent grade are ahead.

    No one wants to fail.  Failure denotes a degree of incapability, even ineptitude.  No one wants to be deemed incapable or inept.  Failure has a very negative connotation.  It further denotes that one is a loser at things h/she undertakes.  No one appreciates & likes a failure.  Failures can mean settling for less in life & being at society's periphery.  A person who is fired from his/her job is oftentimes considered to be damaged goods by perspective employees.  There is a stigma surrounding the fired person which makes him/her quite undesirable as far as employment goes-employers prefer employees with unblemished records.  Many fired people do end up to be unemployable as their fired reputations precedes them. 

    In many instances, failure makes a person damaged goods & totally untouchable.  H/she is viewed as a person that people want to avoid as the latter doesn't want associate with a person w/a negative reputation. People who are successful for the most part, seldom, if ever, fail.  Failure doesn't create success.  In fact, failure derails, even hampers success.