A merica 's first first lady

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    Washington,martha custis (1731-1802)
    Was the wife of george washington,when he took office as the first president in
    1789,she become america 's first first lady.
    Martha washington was born on june 21,1731,near williamsburg,Va her father,
    Colonel john dandridge,was a wealthy landowner. martha had no formal schooling
    Until she married washington, she had never traveled beyond virginia.at the age of
    17,she married daniel parke custis a wealthy virginia planter who was 13 years
    Older than she. they had four children.two of whom died in childhood.the other two
    Died before washington became president. the death of custis in 1757 made her
    One of the richest women in virginia. no one know when martha custis first met
    George washington.they have met at a neighbor's home in williamsburg early in
    1758 washington was then a colonel in the militia.she was eight months older than
    He . they were married on jan,6,1759 washington called his wife by her childhood
    Nick name "patsy"during the revolutionary war.she traveled long distances to share
    His hardship Mrs.washington joined him at his camp at Valleyfoge Pa. during the
    Winter of 1777-1778 she also spent the harsh winter of 1778-1779 and 1779-1780
    With him in camp at Morris town.Nj. she organized a women 's sewing circle and
    Mended clothes for the troops.
    As first lady.Mrs.washington managed the president 's home with dignity an grace.But she said she felt like a "state prisoner" many persons called her "lady washington" But Mrs.washington dressed so plainly that people often mistook her for the family maid After washington 's death in 1799,she continued to live at Mountvernon their state.Shortly before she died on May 22,1802 . she burned the letters washington had Written her .

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    Thank you for sharing this bit of history.