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Why choose Home Hducation a personal view.

  1. pinktink profile image52
    pinktinkposted 9 years ago

    I am educating my 4 children at home in the UK.
    I chose this option after years of failed communication attempts with the school my children previously attended. Why do schools think they own your children and YOU! constant letters demanding money for this money for that, the PTA BBQ, school improvements, "educational" trips to whatever? and all addressed as "voluntary contribution" hahaha just you dare not "voluntarily contirbute" you and your children will recieve sideways glances from every other mum in the playground party invites will stop and your lifestyle will be subject to adverse speculation!
    Schools are so NOT about educating your child unless your child is either a prodigy or from a minority group eg disabled etc so that the school can appear better in it's Ofsted!
    Teachers have obvious favourites and woe betide you if one of these "favourites" turns out to be a bully "No I don't believe Little Kieron could have meant to push your son off the 8ft high climbing frame whilst calling him names and laughing, he was probably just playing!" is the typical response when you challenge the teachers pet, and of course the pet will always be the child of the Chair of the PTA, School Governor and donates school equipment with shiny brass plaques on to show how much the school appreciates them, all of which makes this precious little bully immune from regular punishment.
    Modern day schools are about being in the playground clique, un-necessary SAT's tests on small children who should be learning how wonderful learning is, and being on so many committees that you don't actually have time at home to be with your child! And all of this to get one up on the other mum's because of course your child is more intelligent, can play 5 instruments is captain of the football team and has been reading astro-physics since 6 month old!
    This generation of parents is so concerned with how it appears to others it neglects the one thing that should be priority,- the child they profess is the centre of their world.

    I have broken away from convention, people think I am "weird" "mad" and a number of other things! LOL
    Like all the other mums I want the best for my child but I don't believe in the education system in this country. It focuses on the small minority that excell in the system and pushes them so hard they seem to miss their childhood.
    Home-education allows us to tailor make the lessons for the individual and spend more time strengthening weaknesses but in a way that is memorable.
    Take for example my youngest boy he is full of energy and loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so we centre all of his learning around Mickey we make worksheets that are bright and colourful, with a reward at the end of the page if he completes the task such as a small certificate to cut out or a picture to colour, this can easily be cross curricular Mickey maths, Professor Von Drakes science page, Help Donald make the sounds (CVC) etc etc etc some things are hard to learn, personally I have always struggled with fractions so we had a Fraction Tea party, cake cut into 1/8's sandwhiches in 1/4's pies in 1/3's etc. The world is a giant classroom get out here and learn by your own experience!

    Learning should be kept simple and above all fun!
    As an educator if you are bored then so are your pupils so be creative you will be amazed what you can learn by doing a silly dance, or reciting whilst bouncing on a trampoline!

    It is hard to imagine now that I so easily trusted someone else with my childs education. You are left in the dark and kept out of something so important and what better gift can you give to someone than an education tailored to them!

    If you are thinking of EHE then go for it!

  2. SweetiePie profile image82
    SweetiePieposted 9 years ago

    I think you should write a hub about this topic as you seem to have a lot to say about it smile.

  3. pinktink profile image52
    pinktinkposted 9 years ago

    thanks sweetiepie how do I do that I am new to this and I do feel very passionate about this topic as you can probably tell!

  4. ProCW profile image80
    ProCWposted 9 years ago

    I think you should learn how to spell education before you teach anyone.

    I'm only kidding. I know it was a typo, but I couldn't resist commenting on it.


    "Why choose Home Hducation a personal view."

    REALLY WAS KIDDING!! I wasn't trying to discourage in the slightest!! I agree with home education 100%! Good luck with writing, teaching and your hubs!