A journey on the train

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    charlsetsang01posted 7 years ago

    A journey on the train is different from travelling by road or air, especially if you happen to be alone and sitting next to a window during a day trip. As a matter of fact, I often take a train as I am a salesperson. And I have been used to taking a train. The train has the effect of setting the mind completely at rest. Thoughts wander in and out. Sights outside the window spur some past memory and activate a new set of links. Time loses some of its constraints as thoughts freely explore depths not normally possible during other modes of travel. In a car, one has to be constantly alert about the road.

    When I am on the train, I often feel lonely; the people on the train are all passengers, whom I won't meet later. Everybody is strange to me and for them I am also a stranger. We have no relation and we will never have relation. When I feel quite lonely I will take out my PSP and watch some movies. As I have no time to download movies, I just buy some DVDs and convert them to the format I want with my assistant Lekusoft DVD Ripper, who really does me a big favour. But watching movies won't clear up the loneliness; it will make me feel lonelier. But I have addicted into the feeling of being lonely. Everybody is lonely, sooner or later, here or there, or on some certain time.

    My most memorable train journey has been the three-day travel that I took from New York on the east coast to California on the West Coast of the US while I was working there. The New York to Chicago journey was so exciting and the scenery is really beautiful. During my journey on the train I learn that one should cherish the people he love and love him, and he should accompany them as much as possible.