A New Round of Technology Innovation-Blu-ray Technology

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    charlsetsang01posted 7 years ago

    Blu-ray or Blu-ray disc (BD) technology adopts the blue laser whose wavelength is very short (405nm) to read and write data. This is why this kind of technology is called the "Blu-ray". Generally speaking, the shorter the wavelength is, the more data can be read and written per unit area. Therefore, the Blu-ray technology greatly enhances the capacity of the disc. A Blu-ray disc can store 25GB files, which is five times of the existing DVD capacity.
    So far, Blu-ray is the most advanced disc format with large capacity. In speed, it allows 4.5 to 9M per second. In technology, Blu-ray is fully compatible with all kinds of disc products before with high-definition quality. Blu-ray processes a very solid layer which can stand frequent usage, unavoidable abrasion and scratch and fingerprint and make sure the quality of data saved by Blu-ray disc.
    As for the development of Blu-ray, it was fist put forward by Philips and Sony in 1998. And then in 2002, Sony, Philips, Panasonic and other authoritative high-technology producers published the technology standard and announced that the next generation of DVD is Blu-ray. After that, BD group had been reaching and developing the Blu-ray technology. In 2006, the formal Blu-ray products were brought out and came into use. Since then, Blu-ray has come into our life. Nowadays, the Blu-ray disc has become more and more popular due to its high quality. Many related products are following to be promoted in recent years, such as different kind of Blu-ray converter, which helps users to achieve the conversion between Blu-ray disc and other media playing formats.
    As a new type of disc, Blu-ray has already brought a new round of technology innovation to modern society. And we look forward to see more benefits Blu-ray can bring to us.