How to rip Blu-ray disc to other popular media playing formats

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    charlsetsang01posted 7 years ago

    In recent years, Blu-ray disc has become more and more popular in our daily life. With its high-definition quality and large capacity which can reach to 25GB or more, the Blu-ray technology has received great profit since it was brought out officially in 2006. However, even though the Blu-ray has a solid layer which can stand frequent usage, hard abrasion and fingerprint, it also has few limitations just like DVDs. It may get lost or damaged due to some unpredictable reasons. To avoid this happening, you need to make backups for the beloved Blu-ray disc. And if you need to convert the files on the Blu-ray disc to other popular media playing formats in order to be played in the media playing devices, then you need a type of professional converter to achieve the conversion between the Blu-ray disc and other video/audio formats. If you ever meet these problems, then you need to read this guide carefully and download the LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper to experience the versatile functions of it.
    Additional information of LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper:
    LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper is a type of professional and functional software which can rip and convert the files on Blu-ray (M2TS) videos into HD or common format video files with its advanced Blu-ray disc decoding technology. LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper can also extract audio from Blu-ray discs and convert them into popular audio files. The supported audio formats includes MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC, APE, M4A, RA, AC3, MP2, AIFF, AMR and SUN AU. Furthermore, LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper can compress movies to save space for PC hard drive and portable player. Besides these functions, it also processes many other additional function to satisfy personal requirements, like adjusting output parameters, supporting batch conversion, previewing, running in background, clipping and shutting sown automatically after converting.
    Below is the using guide about how to rip Blu-ray disc to other popular media playing formats step by step.
    Step1. Download and install LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper
    Download and install LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper to your PC
    After installing the software, you can see the main interface. Then, just insert your beloved Blu-ray disc and load you're the files to LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper by clicking the "ADD" button. In a minute, your Blu-ray files will be listed at the main panel.

    Step 2: Set the output format
    After loading the files, you can choose the output files formats. There are lots of video formats which are supported by this software to satisfy your special requirements. Just click the "Profile" dialogue box and set the suitable formats.

    Step 3: Set output folder
    Click "Browse" button in setting panel, select a destination folder in the dialog box that opens, and click "OK".

    Step 4: Ripping the Files
    After finishing the above settings, select the needed file, click "Start" button on the main interface to start ripping the file.

    After the above four steps, you can complete the process of ripping the files on Blu-ray disc to other media formats.