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    kennysamsu99posted 7 years ago

    The issue of racial pride, social acceptance and eco9nomics survival was paramount in the days [of Martin R. Delany just as Fredrick Douglas, as a Black leader at that time, faced the crisis sparked off by the enactment of the Jim Crowls laws in southern states of US. Jim Crow laws tightened the noose on Blacks living is south as they had to face more discrimination and denial of opportunities.
    "The Greatest fairy Fairy Tale of the 21st Century" it is indeed a fairy tale from every perspective. But more importantly, it would be the making of a first-class citizen of a Blackman in a country where the black man has struggled for over 400 years to say "I Too, Am American," to quote Langston Huges, the great African American Poet. To read more visit my hub that is coming up soon on BLACK MAN STRUGGLE.

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      hey man i know what you talkin' bout us mexcanz been watchin' you guyz 4 years you been gettin' all them special treatments,laws,free food,medecin,health care,prefrence hire on the job and on and on well me and my buddies across the border say if u can do it we can too thats why we come here plenty freebies huh enough 4 all,we take all we can carry amigo back across the border,we also make plenty money bringing plenty drugs and gunz and whatever else itz so eatzy these dumb white boyz can't chatch us man we so slick but we could make more money off drugs and contraband if we didn't have to give so mush to the government of meheco and the border guardz well i guess i gota go now c you around someplace adios.

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    1eyedixposted 7 years ago

    the land of the free well thats what i'm talkin' bout where are all the freebiez free jobs free health care, food,housin',and anything else i can lay my handz on and every lock that ain't locked when no onez around,then like the banditoz of olden daze i ride south of the border down mexheco way,down that way i'm known as el checon,once in Texas i try to rob a bank and they get after me with a army a whole army 4 one little bank,well amigo you know in Texas only txacanz can rob bankz ha, ha, ha,(i make z little joke eh)well anyway i gota go hasta la wag-uh and get my woman and lay in the sun an drink mucho cervezas ye ha areba,areba, ye,ha adiosssss.

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    Shadesbreathposted 7 years ago

    Yeah, this little fiction continues to fail.  First off, if you want to carry off a "one man play" of this sort, at least get the dialect down so your "characters" have smidgeon of legitimacy.  Othewise it's just, well, sad.