Real Life Spiderman?

  1. MrNick profile image61
    MrNickposted 7 years ago

    Just been reading a fascinating article on the BBC.  It has little snippets of information on a bunch of things, including the possibility of a real life spiderman - sort of.

    Not exactly involving radioactive spiders, and uses tech rather than mutation (so perhaps more batman) but this article

    has this wonderful comment

    "Based on the properties of gecko hands, which contain tiny hairs that enable the animal to walk up walls, scientists have created an artificial tape called gecko tape. This tape mimics the millions and millions of hairs on a gecko's hands.

    These hairs enable its hands to have a huge effective area in contact with the wall and create tiny van der Waals forces which attract the surfaces together. These forces are enough to make it stick.

    It leaves no residue and can be turned on or off by the gecko. Gloves that stick to glass are already in development. In theory, this could allow humans to walk up walls, but also could allow astronauts to cling on to things efficiently in space."

    How cool do those gloves sound!