Loss Prevention

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    Lawlisnessposted 6 years ago

    Ever think people in the Loss Prevention field profile people? Well I am here to represent the actual facts. First off I work in a pronominally African American society with a percentage of approximately 75% AA and 20% White and 5% Hispanic/Asian. So if you take those stats 75% of my arrests should be AA individuals. Well to be the barer of bad news to the media and anyone else who thinks that the Law Enforcement community is racists. My stats are as follows 86% white, 12% Hispanic and 2% AA. This is with over 375 arrests this year so far. This is a trend of all major retailers that I have worked for in the last 7 years. I also know that programs are set up to audit our statistics to make sure everything is in line. Once again I will say this again with the proof above that the great individuals in the retail security business are not profilers and racists.