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How Would The World End? Scientists Predicted These Things!

Updated on March 9, 2015

The End Of The World

Researchers from the Global Challenges Foundation have predicted the things which can cause the end of the world. This foundation mostly works in raising awareness about the threats that face human beings, and it has found 11 possible things that can end the world.
Let's mention these!

1- Climatic Change

Scientists have found that the world can end by a strong variation in the climate that would start spreading in the poor countries and gradually reach the richer countries.

2- A Strong Contagious Disease

The world can also end by the worldwide spread of a very contagious disease.

3- The Explosion Of A Gigantic Volcano:

Scientists said that if a Gigantic volcano explodes, an unbearable cold winter could happen after that, causing the death of the living creatures all around the world.

4- Nuclear War:

Scientists believe in the seriousness of the start of a nuclear war and how bad it can be to the ending of the world.

However, this war and ending depend on how improved and evolved this nuclear power is and also on the international agreements that would be put concerning it.

5- An Environmental Disaster:

The world can end by a big environmental disaster that would put an end to the lives of all the living creatures on earth.

6- Asteroid

The fall of an asteroid can also play a big role for the end of the world as it can destroy a very big area on earth.

It was expected that the area that would be destroyed by an asteroid would be as big as the Netherlands country itself.

A phenomenon as such can only happen once in every 20 million years.


7- Synthetic Biology

The synthetic biology threatens the world as the people who study it can come up to the invention or the discovery of very dangerous bacteria which can end the world.

8- Nato Technology

This technology threatens the world by the invention of serious damaging weapons that can end the world.

9- Industrial Evolution

Scientists have always warned people from the industrial cleverness and the excessive use of it which can destroy the world.

10- Political Issues

Politics is known in how big its effects can be for the end of the world, this includes political wars, civil wars and much more.

11- Economical Issues

If the economical situations get seriously bad, researchers are expecting humans to start killing each other for the sake of one another and because of the unending social mess.


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

      scary to think but most are so believeable.. thank you for the share :)