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Powerful Feelings: A poetic narrative

Updated on February 1, 2013


Who can truly understand the feelings within me?

Can anyone see that my feelings are life itself that can control me?

My feelings are sensitive and responsive to my thoughts, perceptions and interpretations of things around me;

My feelings react to situations, people, places, events, and conditions;

They react to temperatures, weather and anything that could be felt or sensed.

My feelings are so delicate and tender yet also vehement and explosive;

They are the index of my very soul;

And must be guided for they are so powerful.

How I live my life depends so much on my emotional state in a given moment;

My moment by moment feelings can lead to achievements or failures as the case maybe;

To creativity and productivity or to failures and destruction depending on the feelings I constantly keep within me and express outwardly;

My feelings compel me to behave and act accordingly in a given time and place with certain conditions and people;

My beautiful and positive feelings in a given time and space, reflect to everyone around me;

Everybody would feel wonderful and life will be blessed;

But if ugly and negative feelings prevail in me for long, life for everyone, including my own and my love ones' would be miserable;

Ow, it is therefore important that my feelings must be under God's guidance and control.

Suppressing my feelings makes my life bitter and worst later;

It's like hiding rotten vegetables and dead animals in a vacuumed closet;

Where worms and maggots produce poisoned gasses and deadly odors;

To gradually consume the soul.

Even beautiful feelings such as love and compassion; if denied due expression

Would be like hiding burning coals under a pile of fresh leaves and grasses inside a box of rubbish;

Sooner the smoke comes out followed by explosive heat

Which eventually turn into fire and destruction of lives around it.

When I feel very tired and confused that make me dysfunctional

Then I know for sure that deep within me are feelings that are ignored.

Headaches, stomachaches, body aches, fatal diseases such as tumors and cancers can be results of anger, resentments, frustrations, rejections and anguish of the soul.

Worries and anxieties if not checked and resolved

Lead to wasted lives and failures;

Hurting feelings such as guilt, betrayals, hatred, jealousy, envy, fear, inadequacy, being misunderstood and maltreated must be faced squarely and be brought out to its proper place and perspective;

The mind is equipped with necessary tools to combat these dark and destructive feelings;

Let the mind summon all its forces to blot out and dissolve these feelings of doom.

Hurt feelings are heavy and burdensome; they wear down the soul;

But I am greater than my feelings, and even greater than my mind;

I am the Master of my soul.

I have to check my feelings every now and then before they could reproduce and create a clan within me;

I have to be aware of their presence and their effects in me and on my life as a whole;

I have to scrutinize their nature until there is nothing of their sorts are left in me to see;

Only then could I purge myself and begin to shine.

And when the Light within me shines brightly;

The Light that emanates from the Divine Source;

All the shadows and darkness caused by hurting feelings will be gone;

I am my self once more;

I just have to acknowledge my feelings as part of me;

Select the good feelings and let it stay;

Recognize those feelings that could hurt and banish them away.

Peace, joy, hope, faith, forgiveness, and love are the only feelings that I keep.


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Thank you Rolly,

      I like your story too. I will continue reading them, I will go to "Alone 2". Your story really intrigues me.

      I rarely follow and read hubs, but I promise I will read yours, the first chapter captivated my imagination and took me to a totally different setting and characters.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 5 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Excellent and filled with such passion and truth... very well done... you have a new fan indeed.

      Hugs from Canada

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Hi Princess Prisca,

      You are awesome and wonderful you know that you are the only one following my hub? make me feel good. But just one soul following me and reading my writing, can already trigger the angels to rejoice. Be Blessed throughout your life.

    • Princess Prisca profile image

      Princess Prisca 5 years ago from Heaven living on Earth


      Love this piece!!! Awesome and beautiful and useful!!!

      Great Job!


      Ciao...Princess Prisca