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Discover The Best Way To Learn Spanish Quickly - The Latest Programs Reviewed

Updated on November 28, 2014
Photo credit: Babzy from
Photo credit: Babzy from | Source

The Best Way To Learn Spanish Quickly And With The Best Results

What's the best way to learn Spanish quickly? This question can be difficult to answer. It really depends on how well the individual is able to learn the information presented before them. Some of us process information better through visual learning while others gain a better understanding through interactive processing. Today's Spanish learning programs are more intuitive and use a variety of learning methods to jump start the learning process and keep the user entwined in the subject material.

In college, I had a very difficult time learning a foreign language. I tried several different methods on top of going to regular classes and still couldn't get to the level of understanding that I was trying to achieve. This frustration led me on a journey to find the best and easiest to use language learning programs. My findings were on par with many of the top reviewers and I couldn't have been happier with the results of these programs.

In this article you will find my top choices for language learning programs, software, and audiobooks. If you are struggling like I once was then any of these programs will give you a big boost in learning a foreign language. With practice you will be able to have conversations, read, and even write in Spanish in a very short time. I have never been more impressed with Spanish learning programs than I have with the programs you will find below. If you are struggling then I hope these programs will get you back on track.

What Is The Easiest Way To Learn Spanish?

When it comes to learning Spanish with ease there really is no simple way to learn. Many sites you come across will tell you to get involved with the Spanish community and culture and simply learn the language just from being around those who speak it. But, in order for this to work you already have to have some kind of basic understanding of the language. You will need to know and understand many basic words, sentence structure, and pronunciation before you can even begin to make sense of any language.

For those who have studied the language in high school or college before attempting to learn this way do tend to have greater success at learning a language just from being around those who speak it. I took two years of spanish in high school and several credit hours in college before I began learning from the spanish community in my area. Don't get me wrong, it is possible to learn a language without any previous knowledge but, it will take a much longer time to gain a fluent knowledge.

Many people today are beginning to work in areas around the world where they must learn to speak the language quickly. If your job requires you to relocate to such a place then there are many great programs that will teach you just about everything you will need to know to prepare you for real world communications. With any program, you get what you put into it. Practice is probably the most important element with a language learning program. I will go over a section multiple times until I understand it to the point that I don't even have to think about how to respond to questions. Only after you have reached this point should you move on to another section of the program. Remember that one teacher you had in school that always told you to practice? There is no doubt that with practice anything can be achieved.

In my opinion, the easiest way to learn any language is by developing a basic understanding of the core elements that make up the language. Once achieved, speaking the language regularly, reading publications in the language, and even watching television in the language you are learning will greatly improve your ability to speak and understand any language.

What's The Best Program To Learn Spanish?

Best Spanish Learning Program

Let's take a look at which programs work best. Some of the best Spanish learning programs I have used have also been the simplest. When I say simple, I am not referring to the simplicity of what you are learning. I am implying that the method in which the material is presented, the learning method, and the cohesiveness between the sections of material are relevant to what has previously been learned. There are some programs out there that just bombard you with so much information that you barely have a chance to learn anything.

In my opinion, the more basic the program is, the better chance you have to learn the material. When the information is broken down, well organized, and presented well then you will better absorb the material. Some college courses I have taken were written by people with Phd's that made absolutely no sense to me until it was broken down for me. Many companies who create these programs forget that they are writing them for students and should be writing them in the simplest terms.

Below, you will find my top choice for the best Spanish learning software program. It is one of the easiest programs to navigate through and each section teaches you the information in a way that builds on the previous section. It is such a well thought out and organized program that you don't even feel like you are studying. This program continues to gain in popularity among users over other respective programs. I highly recommend it.

Photo credit: marihasilvia from
Photo credit: marihasilvia from | Source

What Is The Best Software To Learn Spanish?

Learning To Speak Spanish

There are many language software programs available that aid in learning foreign languages. The trick is to find which one works best. One program may work well for one person but, not so well for another person. This is due to how we all learn subject matter differently. One person may be a visual learner while another may learn better through reading or classroom instruction.

I took these factors into consideration while looking for the best instructional software. Only a few software programs came to light that used a combination of these learning characteristics and were highly sought after. They will work great whether you learn by reading, visualization, or through instruction.

The programs represented below are some of the most well known and beneficial programs for learning a foreign language. With practice, any of these programs will aid in your quest to learn the Spanish language and eventually master it. These programs are used the world over by individuals and companies. Any of the programs listed below will give you a better understanding of the material and give you a great head start on mastering an additional language.

Photo credit: pedrojperez from
Photo credit: pedrojperez from | Source

What Is The Fastest Way To Learn Spanish?

Fast Way To Learn Spanish

When it comes to learning Spanish quickly, it greatly depends on one's own ability to master the material. There are programs that are laid out in a way that makes learning the material easier which in turn allows the user to quickly move through the course. Once again, the rate at which one learns the material is dependent upon the user. If you practice the material regularly and on a daily basis then you can learn it at a fairly quick pace.

When I go through a section in any course I am taking I will repeat sections several times and retake exams multiple times until I have almost mastered the material before moving on. But, that is just me. Some people may only need to go over a section of material once with great understanding before starting the next section. It just depends on the person and how capable they are of understanding and learning the subject matter.

Below you will find programs that some have had success with quickly gaining a basic knowledge of the language. If you are looking for a quick refresher course or are just starting out then any of these programs will get you started. However, I highly recommend a more comprehensive course of study like one of the programs above to give you a more well rounded knowledge.

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I'd Love To Hear From You - In what ways have you tried to learn Spanish?

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