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Best Leather Briefcases For Men - Current Styles

Updated on October 15, 2014

2013's Best Leather Briefcases For Men - The Professional's Accessories

Some of the best leather briefcases for men can be found in many different styles, colors, and sizes. They make them to fit laptop computers, documents, and an assortment of electronic devices. With all of the gizmos and gadgets available today, manufacturers are scrambling to come out with the next best bag for carrying them. I am not big on all of the electronic gadgets, with the exception of the laptop, so I am not interested in a bag that comes with a special pocket just for that special electronic device.

The things I do look for in a briefcase are durability, style, and extra room. There is something to be said for a basic style bag without all of the special device holders. They just look better in general and gives more of a professional look. Looking professional is key in any meeting or interview. If you look like you are ready to do business then others will be more likely to want to do business with you. The same goes for a job interview. When interviewing, one of the most important factors is to look like you can do the job.

For this article, I have included my top picks to help you get the professional look. The items you will find listed here are a few of the top rated models available. They are stylish, well made, and will last for many years. One of the best features of leather is its ability to be cleaned easily. There are also many great products available for treating and conditioning the material making it easy to keep it looking soft and new. If you don't see what you are looking for you can do a quick search in the Amazon search link below.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Best Leather Briefcases For Men

What Are the Best Leather Legal Briefcases?

One of the biggest parts of being a professional is looking like a professional. I know very few people who would hire an attorney or a CPA who dressed like a college student and used a backpack to carry all of those important papers. The better and more professional a person looks the more likely a client is to take you seriously.

I have used several inexpensive bags in the past and they just don't hold up to everyday use. Today, I get the highest quality bags on the market. I have found that they will last for many years and even look better after a few years. There is just something about the way worn leather looks. The condition of the leather makes a statement in itself.

Below you will find some of the most stylish and highest quality cases on the market. These items have some of the most outstanding reviews and look great for the office or courtroom. If there is ever a choice between leather and some other material, I always choose leather. It lasts longer, looks great, and holds up well over time.

Cenzo 4050 Italian Leather Briefcase Attache

Vagabond Traveler 13" Heavy Duty Classic Full Leather Laptop iPad Bag L91. Vintage Distress

Samsonite Columbian Leather Flapover Case Review

Laptop Messenger Bags For Men

What Are The Best Leather Computer/Laptop Bags For Men?

Nowadays, we can't go anywhere without our laptops. They have become one of the most important business tools in the office and at home. Since computers have freed us from the office and allow us to work at home it has become increasingly important to have a great bag to carry our all important laptops to and from the office.

A lot of the laptop bags out there today are made of canvas or nylon and just don't last long. I prefer a more rugged and durable material such as cowhide which better protects the computer from scuffs and dings that might otherwise occur with a less durable material.

Not only are they durable, they also look great. They say a lot about a person. When you show up to a meeting with a high quality bag, it says you are serious about what you are doing and you mean business. And, it never hurts to look your best with fashionable accessories.

Leather Messenger Bags For Men

What Are The Best Men's Leather Messenger Bags?

This type of bag has really grown in popularity over the past few years. Not only is it stylish, it is also very functional. There is plenty of room for all of the important papers and other doo dads you might need throughout the day. I often pack my lunch and usually have more than enough room in my bag to carry it.

Many of these bags come with several different pockets and even water bottle holders. I love to keep all of my stuff organized so any extra pockets I can find are always useful. These types of bags are extremely beneficial for those who have to walk long distances. The shoulder strap fits across the chest adding additional support and allowing for easy maneuverability.

This style is probably the most popular for men. The versatility of the bag is the biggest draw and the way the bag is carried makes it easy to transport. I have featured below some of my favorite bags. All of which have the highest ratings and the best reviews.

Siamod Vernazza Collection San Francesco Leather Messenger Bag

Leather Attache Cases For Men

What Are The Best Attache Briefcases For Men?

Attache cases are wonderful for transporting and organizing documents and legal papers. If you are mainly concerned with finding something for transporting paper work then this is the item for you. They are usually thinner than your average bag and not really built for carrying anything other than documents and paper work.

These bags are made from high quality materials that hold up extremely well to constant use. I have used them in the past to carry my paper work but, after I started using a laptop I found that I needed something bigger that was made to carry extra weight.

The attache cases you see are all made of high quality materials and have the highest ratings. If you don't have to worry about lugging around a computer or other heavy items then an attache bag will more than suffice. Not only are they extremely functional and durable, they are also very stylish for any business meeting.

Kattee Mens Top Layer Real Cow Leather Shoulder Briefcase Attache 15 Inch

Cenzo 4050 Italian Leather Briefcase Attache

McKlein USA Coughlin Leather Expandable Attache Case

Men's Leather Satchel Bags

What Are The Best Men's Satchel Bags?

Satchel bags work best for just about any situation. They can be used for transporting laptops, paper work, legal documents, and even school work. I used one of these bags while in college and can tell you that they are strong enough to carry textbooks and the shoulder straps are very comfortable.

Keep in mind that the bag may feel a little stiff the first few days of use but, after it gets broken in it will start to feel like a part of you. Be sure to adjust the strap to the most comfortable position to keep the bag from riding against your hip or side. Once you have used it for awhile you will be better able to tell where you need to make adjustments.

This is probably my favorite style of bag for transporting all of my goodies to and from work. It is very stylish, durable, and holds a lot of material. If you are interested in this kind of bag then I have listed my top picks for this category below.

HIDESIGN by Scully Aerosquadron Brief Laptop Satchel Brief

Maxwell Scott Leather Briefcase VS 2 Ton Land Rover

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I'd Love To Hear From You - What is your favorite style of briefcase?

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