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Gifted IQ intelligence by feeding brain magnesium, fish oil, and folic acid!

Updated on June 29, 2014
Structure plus chemical balance fosters proper cell communication activity. Then you can make the most of your environment to raise IQ
Structure plus chemical balance fosters proper cell communication activity. Then you can make the most of your environment to raise IQ
The brain should be the most prized organ
The brain should be the most prized organ
Fish oil (fats) is the perfect food for your brain especially if you are a fathead like me
Fish oil (fats) is the perfect food for your brain especially if you are a fathead like me
It helps to start on the right side of this curve!
It helps to start on the right side of this curve!

How above-average IQ is generated: Nature

Often, intelligence (like stupidity) is an unavoidable result of genetic programming. The children of highly-intelligent parents tend to score above-average on tests of intelligence. Statistically, the variation is such that a child of smart parents will tend towards the normal range, even if one or both parents are exceptionally smart. If the parents are not exceptional, a small percentage of their offspring may score in the top 1%, of IQ tests. This variation that allows them to score far above the average of the parents' own (displayed) phenotype has interested me for some time. Genetically, the predisposition to be intelligent is thought to also have a solid, genetically based upper-limit. This undefined upper-limit is what we will explore in the next "nurture" section. As usual, this discussion is divided into the classic nature vs. nurture delineations.

How above-average IQ is generated: nurture

The brain is an organ. Like a muscle, to fully utilize the potential of the brain one must exercise it. The exercise must be both repetitive and non-repetitive in the correct ways. The repetitive nature is the general stimulation... things you don't tire of that get your creative juices flowing:

  • listening to your favorite music
  • physical exercise
  • beautiful art, nature
  • seeing someone you like
  • playing a musical instrument,

any of the above activities keep your brain activated, but are more of priming and maintenance activities.

To build your brain like a body builder you need to push it a little more byexercising to make it grow and develop new structure: cells, connections, and other new energy transports. The non-repetitive nature known in strength training is called the "confusion" of a muscle; a type of stimulation that is achieved only by experiencing unique new challenges. In learning these include exercises such as a new language, applying math to figure out a puzzle, reading the latest science journals, checking out new art, never-before read literature, etc. Avoiding repetitive topics prevents atrophy and the decrease of learning in general. Avoid TV reruns, talk shows that seem to delve over and over again into the same topics and arguments. That kind of thing rots your brain.

Organic elements

Being an organ, the brain must physically be fed. Recent research shows a strong connection between fish (Omega 3 DHA, especially) and brain food. The brain is constructed mostly of fat, and consuming fat is naturally an obvious way to give the organ the 400 or so calories per day it needs to optimize function. Since Omega 3 EPA and especially DHA prove most beneficial, those of us who strive to maximize their brain function are served best by consuming fish, especially wild-caught salmon, weekly or better daily.

If you have a giant head, you're in luck, but there is more to the organ than size. Speed, organization and complexity of connections goes a long way. Einstein had a larger than average brain with even more "folds", suggesting his neural network was laid out with lots of "roads" to access data from more locations, instead of repeating the data all over in numerous places. Continued learning allows you to "forget" things you have stored already in 100 places to make room for something new. If something is important, you'll access it again to reinforce it before the 100 becomes zero. Then again, maybe it's not important and was wasting space. A symptom of this is dwelling on the past. Learning something new clears out the old, useless junk that got in our heads. Forget about that jerk back in high school, don't waste your brain.

Algal DHA is the supplement of choice for those of us who prefer bacon or hamburgers over salmon on most days. Realistically supplements are the best way to guarantee that the brain is properly fed for optimal use. Personally, I consume DHA and fish oil supplements, along with vitamin D3, B-complex and magnesium to keep my brain fully functional. I must say, though anecdotally, the results have been at the least promising, probably amazing to most observers.

Unfiltered sunlight with UVB on skin causes vitamin D synthesis. But it all reflects away from the atmosphere at low angles... with a long shadow you're wasting

Either you go outside when your shadow is very short (impossible for many, especially in winter) or you buy a UVB lamp for indoor use.
Either you go outside when your shadow is very short (impossible for many, especially in winter) or you buy a UVB lamp for indoor use.

Will and curiosity

The learning curve for me usually never flattens thanks to the will and desire to surpass all others, and the curiosity to see what will happen when and if I do.

I could advise this to all observers; Isaac Newton had this curiosity and will, it can lead to madness or to pure genius. It's better to risk the madness in order for some of us to experience and share the genius. Excelsior!

What works for me!




UVB light - from sunlight or indoors with Rayminder lamp.


fish oil or dha algal oil (algae oil is best)

Every Every Every Day. The results are INSTANT and AMAZING!


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