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5 Things To Love About Selena Gomez!

Updated on February 17, 2015

There's A Lot To Love About Her!

This young, gorgeous and shining TV star and musician who have begun her dream career with Disney Channel crossed many countries with her amazing talents and beautiful baby face.

She has inspired many people with her passion for arts and along with that become one of the richest and youngest Hollywood stars.

5 Things To Love About Her:

1-Her adorable and cute baby face:

Look at how beautiful her face is, very innocent and lovely! Staring at her face makes me never imagine her getting older and aging, she'll always have this die for innocent baby face!

2-Selena Gomez's Pure And Modest Soul:

Selena Gomez is one of the very few and international Hollywood stars who would reply to her fans! Although this one wasn't a reply to a fan, it was a hater hating on her and wishing her death out of cancer *how cruel* check out how Selena Gomez replied with so much maturity and love!

Selena Gomez obviously didn't reply as a reaction of being insulted, she replied to try to educate that hater about cancer and how harmful and devastating it would be if it happens to the hater or one of his/her family.

The next day, the hater's account on Instagram was deleted as some people claimed that. No surprise! I bet that hater got so many replies from Selena Gomez's loyal lovely fans to defend her, although Selena doesn't need anyone to defend her, she seems powerful enough to handle anything with love and passion.

Selena Gomez Posted This Selfie Picture On Her Facebook Fan Page

3- Selena Gomez's Love And Appreciation To Her Loyal Fans!

That's right! Selena seems to always enjoy taking selfies with her fans as a reaction of appreciation, not to mention her replies to her fans on social media! She does care and she does read all of her fans's comments! What a lovely and pure person!

4- Selena Gomez's Gorgeous Style!

It's hard to think of one bad outfit she's ever worn! She simply knows what fits her and what embraces and shows her beautiful body and face. Also, Selena rarely uses exposed outfits because she knows she can be looking hot however and whatever she wears and she knows that beauty doesn't always have to be related to the outer-appearance! She effortlessly keeps it classy!

5- Her Persistence To Becoming Successful:

Selena Gomez can inspire millions of people because of her constant persistence and passion to the one thing she's always loved!

Selena doesn't seem to care about getting attention out of means unrelated to talents, she has definitely reached her goals because of her talents,love and passion to entertainment and media industry.

Ever since she was about 8 years old, she has set a goal and walked on with it by beginning her journey with Disney channel.

She was asked to say what is her goal for her career in the future and she said: " I want to start with my acting career and then build my voice for my singing career." And now it's happening! How inspiring!

In Other Words:

Selena has yet so much success to come to her life as long as she's the way she is, there's no wonder why she has great,lovely and loyal friends because she is also one. There are many more things to love about her but I just mentioned some!

She definitely is one of my favorite Hollywood stars for no doubt! I love her and her soul so much and I wish her all the best of the best in her life.

Sometimes I really do find her sweet actions with others familiar as she has the same astrology sign as my mother and mine - not that I believe so much in astrology, but it's somewhat true sometimes.

She was also born on the 22nd of July which is a day directly after my beautiful mother's birthday.

I just love her!

Check Out How I painted Selena Gomez!

Thanks for reading! Share this with the world!

Author: Rana Km.

*Dedicated to Selena Gomez for her 22nd birthday*


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