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What Colors Best Suit Your Skin tone? - Clothes, Accessories & Make Up

Updated on February 6, 2015 | Source

Skin Tones

Everyone has specific skin tones and colors, some skin tones may have all colors suiting them while others don't.

We have several skin tones, such as chocolate, dark chocolate, warm brown, beige, honey glow, natural tan, pinkish white, caramel, rich walnut, sugary and many other tones & shades as you can see in this photo.

Colors can really change the way you look and appear, some colors may enhance your attractiveness, others can make you look so miserable and dark while others can make you look young & active, let's not forget that colors can also have big impacts on your moods! You may check out how colors affect your moods in the article linked below.

Chocolate/ Dark Chocolate Skin Color

Chocolate is really hot!

The colors that can really suit this skin tone are: Red (sexy), gold ( attractive) and white (peaceful)!

The colors that may not suit it are: Grey(boring), Green( not interesting) & Silver.

Rich Walnut/ Warm Brown / Caramel Skin Colors

These skin colors are in between brown & beige.

The colors that may suit these are: Red (makes you look hot!) , Blue ( feels like victory) & Violent ( unpredictable).

The colors that may not suit these are: rusty gold (dead & boring) & light green(pale). | Source

Natural Tan/ Honey Glow

Are characterized by light shades of brown & beige going on an orange color.

The colors that best suit these are: Black(strong), White(peaceful & innocent), gold (glamorous) & light purple (adventurous).

The colors that may not suit these are: Sugary white (pale) & light pale blue.

White/ Reddish White

You would know you have the lightest shade of white skin color when you can really see your nerves appearing obviously on your thighs, your lower side of your arms and on other parts of the body.

Some people may have their skin white but not reddish - pale - and this can be caused by the lack of their red blood vessels. The people with reddish white skin colors have excessive amounts of red blood vessels in their bodies.

The colors that can best suit these are: Red (totally hot! ) , blue (lovely), oily going on gold & light green.

The colors that may not suit these are: Yellow(pale), dark green ( not interesting) & orange.

In Short

In short, if you have a pale colored skin you can use rich & radiant color shades for it and vice verse.

Did you know that the red color can ignite your sexual and hunger desires/wishes? That's why it is related to romance and love, check out the article mentioned above for more details as such.

What's Your Skin Tone?

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