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101 random ideas.

Updated on June 14, 2012

Because trying something a little different, is good.

There are so many different experiences, projects and activities available for us to go out and have a good go at these days. So many in fact, that when you want to try something new, it can be difficult to know where to start and a bit of a challenge knowing where to begin sourcing ideas from. There is a whole universe of various stuff to attempt, just the mere thought of it all can be pretty daunting and if it feels too overwhelming you can be tempted to give up before you have even begun.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just come across a list of 101 random ideas, while you were trawling through the Internet. One that consisted of a range of things that you could just take an effortless read through and cherry pick out the ones you would like to try.

And wouldn't it be useful if someone had already done the thinking for you and compiled an array of interesting suggestions.

And wouldn't it be amazing if some of them were long term projects, inspirational notions yet also featured others that you could do in just one day.

And you know what would really top it all off, wouldn't it be cool if the site it was written on had a print button, so that you could just print it out and take it out whenever you wanted, or pin it at a board at home. Or if the web site allowed you to bookmark it and refer to it anytime you felt like it.

Well guess what, you have all these things right here! As a compulsive list writer I love supplying lists for list seekers and lucky enough for you, this one is available for you to read and hopefully get inspired by today.

Because there are 101 random ideas featured below, I'm sure there will be something that will appeal to your nature and that you will want to go out and try. Good luck.

1. Produce a film.

Create your own feature length film and get it shown in the cinema.

2. Brake a world record.

There are world records for absolutely everything. There is bound to be one skill or talent that you have, that you can practice and get good enough at to break a world record.

3. Get on T.V.

There are so many channels available now days, with millions of potential programmes to choose from. Television production companies are always looking for extras or maybe you can even be on an advertisement.

Did you know? That Simon Cowal's first television appearance was as a contestant on the game-show wheel of fortune.

4. Dig a really deep hole.

Yes this is hard physical work and yes you will probably get very muddy. But you may find some buried treasure or some ancient artifacts down there. Be aware that there are some places that you will not be allowed to dig up, so please make sure you ask permission, if you need it first.

5. Bury a time capsual.

Now you have your big, deep hole, it seems only logical that this idea would come next.

Place things in it that you think people of the future will be interested in looking at. Make sure the things you bury are not going to be missed, you don't want to have to go back and dig them up again in a weeks time.

You also want to ensure that what ever packaging or container you use to wrap or place them in is air and water tight.

6. Learn Morse code.

Because you never know when you might need it.

Morse code.
_ _ _ _ _
. _ _ _
. . _ _ _
. . . _ _
. . . . _
. . . . .
_ . . . .
_ _ . . .
_ _ _ . .
_ _ _ _ .
. _
_ . . .
_ ._ .
_ . .
. . _ .
._ _ .
. . . .
. .
. _ _ _
_ . _
. _ . .
_ _
_ .
_ _ _
. _ _ .
_ _ . _
. _ .
. . .
. . _
. . . _
. _ _
_ . . _
_ . _ _
_ _ . .

7. Visit all the Dartmoor Tors.

The moors are vast, beautiful and free. The tors are millions of years old and there formations are not like any other that I have ever seen. The views from them are simply stunning, definitely a random idea worth trying.



8. Write your memoirs.

Granted this is a project that might take you years, but can be very rewarding and revealing. You can even show them to your family or friends (if you're brave enough). Some people have even got them published and on occasions have been adapted into films or television dramas.

9. Collect coins.

But not just any old coins, try and find one in each denomination that was made in the year you were born.

10. Create an alter ego.

If you have ever seen family guy, you will have seen Roger the alien. He is the king/queen of the alter ego. He has so many dimensions to his personality, that you can't tell which one is the genuine article.

For this random idea you could create a face book account for your alter ego, friend yourself and post as this other person. It might also leave your friends wondering who this person is and how you know them. It might also be interesting to see if any random people friend request your alter ego.


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    • wrenfrost56 profile image

      wrenfrost56 5 years ago from U.K.

      Thank-you daydreamer13, :)

    • daydreamer13 profile image

      daydreamer13 5 years ago

      Interesting thoughts. Good hub!