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American Idol 11 (2012): DeAndre Brackensick Spoilers and Predictions

Updated on January 8, 2012

DeAndre Brackensick is one of several singers who has returned to American Idol to make a run for Season 11. He auditioned in Season 10 at 16 years of age and made it all the way to the last cut before the voting rounds. Brackensick was basically told by the judges to keep trying and improving as a singer. According to TheIdolPad, DeAndre has made it back to the Top 42 for American Idol 11.

DeAndre was a standout in the group round during Season 10, where he appeared with other teenagers. He hits some really high notes, and this singer has great potential with certain kinds of songs. There is a question about the thinness of his voice. Although it is certainly pretty, a thicker voice would project more soul. It remains to be seen whether he can deliver a soulful performance, but Brackensick seems to be relegated to a fairly standard pop voice at this point. The notable exception is his upper register, which is much better than your typical pop singer.

If the rumors are true that he has made the Top 42, I predict that he will make it to the voting rounds for Season 11. As someone who was already receiving praise from the online crowd before being cut in Season 10, there is probably not much reason to bring him this far back just to cut him again. He could have been chosen last year, but Idol always leaves room for cannon fodder that has no chance of winning. That is for variety purposes, but it also increases the chance that the producers' favorites will easily sail through the first rounds of the competition.

Will He Win?

In a word, no. There is scarcely any reason to think DeAndre Brackensick will win American Idol. Is he talented? Sure. Is he cute? I guess. Guys aren't my thing, but I hear he's really cute. But his voice is too thin, which means it lacks the soulful vibe that is pretty consistent among winners. Even Scotty is rather soulful for a country singer. No singer has ever won by just being able to hit falsetto and high notes. That will get tiring pretty fast. If he makes the voting rounds, look for DeAndre to probably finish in the Top 12 but fall short of the title.


TheIdolPad: American Idol Spoilers for Season 11

DeAndre Brackensick: Hollywood Week Group Round: Season 10


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    • profile image

      Mike Morgan 6 years ago

      He really needs to sing Aaron Neville tunes. I promise it falls right into his voice

    • profile image

      mimi 6 years ago

      I just have to say that I am so happy that his voice has matured and he has grown confidence. With the songs he is singing so far this year. Love him so much. He is so young but yet... He thought about 25 reasons ?

    • profile image

      Alexis 6 years ago

      I wasn't actually planning to watch AI this time. But my family was watching it tonight and i was watching too for the heck of it. Then i saw this guy with long curly hair for like a split second and i went 'OHMYGOD WHO'S THAT? WHO'S THAT GUY? IS IT DEANDRE????' Ended up watching the whole episode just to see if he appeared again.

      I could have sworn it was him so i googled about it and chanced upon this article. So he IS in. Damn i'm watching AI every week now, oh yes.

      And i actually agree about him not winning. Its inevitable. I have high hopes for joshua ledet tho, really like him.

    • bizzymom profile image

      bizzymom 6 years ago from New York

      Interesting. I am a fan of American Idol. I look forward to Season 11. Thanks for sharing your views. I will wait to see if your prediction comes out true!