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Animal Land - Chapter 3 (End)

Updated on July 18, 2017

Dr. Mark, as we recall, was traveling to Europe to confront insect mutants, who had acquired enormous sizes who had become carnivores. This alarmed to his equipment that came with the Dr. Mark, because they knew that even they could be bait of some enormous spider or fly. The team was discussing how to annihilate the most dangerous plague reported by giant spiders.

- Dr. Mark... What is your plan to end this plague?- said the wolf
- I think the best option will be to go to the burrow of the spider queen, otherwise if we stay to wait for an attack of them can happen to ambush us.
- And what do you think of the giant bees? Do you think that it is also necessary to end them?
- Well, the reports I have are that bees are not so dangerous and are producing more honey, which we can use to feed ourselves.
- But the picket of an insect of that size can be dangerous my esteemed Doctor Mark.
- You're absolutely right, we'll have to use anti-bee repellants ... robot, hand them their repellent bottles.
- I understand and obey - the robot replied.

Then Dr. Mark, along with his work team advanced to the summits of the Alps in search of the queen spider's lair, in their route had to annihilate more than a hundred giant spiders, the laser beam of the robot served them great help to destroy them, however his battery was running out and could only use it in case of emergency.
As they entered the caverns, they lost three of the team's companions who fell into an ambush of the royal guard of the queen spider. The adventure was not so easy and in a battle in unknown terrain Dr. Mark had lost the final battle and now he was trapped by huge cobwebs and he and his companions were to be the food of baby spiders.

- Dr. Mark, I think your mission has failed, Don´t you think so?
- The robot is still alive, they haven´t caught it and it has precise instructions to do something about it.
- What does Doctor Mark mean?
- Just be patient and you'll know what I mean.


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The robot came to rescue them and by then only Dr. Mark was alive, untied the hard spider webs and proceeded to remove Dr Mark who was still very weak... on leaving the cave the robot introduced the destructive Z bomb and made it explode and in a matter of seconds is detonated in a huge explosion.

Dr. Mark knew he could not use destructive weapons that would harm the environment and yet he did.

They had finally ended the plague of giant spiders, but Dr. Mark returned to America and was very serious problems because he had been infected with the genes of giant spiders and was mutating into a kind of human spider, the best scientists were studying in their laboratories to find the vaccine and had not found it after more than ten years of research, meanwhile kept him alive by feeding him insect cocktails. Mr. Mark was living the consequences of the absurdity of his desires for greatness.


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© 2017 Guillermo Perez Guillen


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