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Audio Mastering Software -- How to Master with Izotope Ozone 3

Updated on February 23, 2011

How to Master Audio

From what I've been reading, I noticed that mastering audio is not really an exact science. Different audio engineers have different styles and techniques and there really is no strict rules on how one should do it. Some say that experience is a more important factor. But all in all, what's really important is that the finished product will sound good on any system.

Sometimes, especially now that recording at home with any decent PC or mac is available, we use earphones or speakers that aren't high end that don't have all the frequencies and dynamics needed. This might result to an audio track that sounds good only on this kind of sound system and when transfered, perhaps to play in a car or in louder 2.1 speakers, it is not as well mixed and some sounds may become totally different.

I figured this out a while back when I realized that better systems will have better low and high frequency sounds and may be different when I listen to the tracks I made with just the headphones I use. This was when I started to look for techniques online on how to master audio and make it sound better. My research lead me to the Izotope Ozone 3 a VST that can be used on any of the typical Digital Audio Workstation such as the Ableton Live or Adobe Audition (these are the main softwares I use in recording and music production).

Everything I know about mastering or editing audio is self-taught and is really a product of my interest with this craft. I've been recording and making music for a long while and I've always been researching ways of how I can make my sound better. After getting the hang of Izotope Ozone 3, I noticed how much better sound I was able to get. Even if I didn't entirely understand the different effects and plug-ins that came with this VST software, tinkering with it has taught me so much and made me achieve better results. Many times I even feel that my music has become more professional-sounding than before. Nowadays, I never work without it. Izotope Ozone 3 has become an integral part of my musical arsenal.

Izotope Ozone 3 Interface
Izotope Ozone 3 Interface

Interface of Izotope Ozone 3

The interface isn't really that hard to understand. As I did, even if you do not fully understand it as of now, it is quite easy to just mess around with it and experiment with the different features until you are able to achieve the sound that you want. It even comes with a lot of presets that you can use for different kinds of situations. Here are the effects and features that come with Izotope Ozone 3:

  • Paragraphic Equalizer
  • Mastering Reverb
  • Loudness Maximizer
  • Multiband Harmonic Exciter
  • Multiband Dynamics
  • Multiband Stereo Imaging

Loudness Maximizer
Loudness Maximizer

Loudness Maximization

Simply, this feature will allow you to achieve a louder and richer sound without it going over. This is a really important feature that I learned about in this software. Before I would usually overload my tracks with a compressor effect or just mess around with the volumes of specific areas of my tracks. But the loudness maximizer feature of Izotope Ozone 3 gave me the ability to achieve the desired loudness with out the clutter or overdriven sound.

Just messing around with the different features will give you a sound much clearer, brighter, and warmer than what you thought you would never be able to achieve. This VST software is truly very innovative and is a must-have no matter what kind of recording software you are using. 

Izotope Ozone 3 Tutorial and Overview

Download Izotope Ozone 3

With the technology available to us nowadays, it is really so easy to record and produce one's own music, and with all the available information and tutorials online, one doesn't have to be so far from the professionals in this industry. It really has become so easy to learn composition, audio editing, and music production. Just by having a decent system at home, even without the equipments found in most recording studios, you can still be able to produce your own music.

The possibilities are really limitless. So what are you waiting for? You too can achieve that sound you thought was never possible with what equipment you have. This will surely make the potential of your tracks even greater.

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