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Avatar Movie Make Up Kit - Avatar Makeup Kits - Express Shipping

Updated on June 23, 2011

Avatar Movie Make Up Selections.

Avatar Movie Makeup Kits make your transformation from a boring human to a kick ass Na'vi much easier. There are going to be lots of Avatar inspired costumes this year, but rest assured. most are going to truly suck.

Little Billy: Thats a great costume, Sally, I just love Smurfette.

Sally: Waaah , Waaah, My costume sucks.

Dont be Sally! Paying attention to the simple details will make your costume stand out and be authentic. Dont "dress" as a Na'Vi , transform yourself into your very own Avatar. Be original, add the important accessories that no one else has and be authentic, dont use cheap store bought Party City Avatar Costumes , find rare and unique accessories and do your makeup right.

Avatar Halloween Costume Options

You really have 4 main choices when looking for a  Avatar Movie Make up Kit;

  • Official Avatar Movie Makeup Kit
  • Movie FX Quality Avatar Movie Makeup Kit
  • Make your Own Avatar Makeup Kit
  • Skip the Makeup and Buy a Quality mask

Lets examine these choices in detail, I say that, but this is really a quick reference guide. You can find links to more detailed reviews within each section of the overview.

Avatar Movie Makeup Kit
Avatar Movie Makeup Kit

I will start with the best options:

The Avatar look can be made with makeup alone and very clever artful makeup application, but that takes a special talent, not something most of us have. Luckily, a premiere ebay seller has a select line of items that are made up of Special effects quality prosthetics and makeup.

This is real Movie magic stuff,

The base kit includes:

  • Professional adhesive & remover
  • 99% alcohol
  • 1oz bottle of Na’vi blue flesh tone PAX make-up
  • 3 1/4oz accent colors: dark blue(for skin stripes), deep pink(for nose & inside of ears) and iridescent white(for skin spots)
  • 1 small container of matching blue greasepaint (for area around eyes & lips)
  • 2 non-latex make-up sponges
  • Directions for application

The PAX makeup referred to, is an industry standard in Hollywood effects.

Some specific options are highlighted below, but to see all of the options including Avatar fangs and Avatar tails! see the store here : Avatar Movie Makeup Kit Store

Official Avatar Movie Make Up Kit

The Official Movie make up Kit includes the bare essentials needed to paint your face in the Avatar Na'Vi manner. The hues of paint match the Na'Vi appropriately and it also includes sparkle gel and appropriate crystals.

But its a $10 product, the type of thing you buy at a costume shop , its just good enough for a kids costume, nothing really amazing or high quality will come of it.

If your not careful, you will end up looking like "Sparkle Smurf"

Official Avatar Deluxe Movie  Makeup Kit

You can upgrade your movie makeup kit selection and get the deluxe option through Rubies Costumes, this kit includes a better quality paint and also ears to complete the illusion.

Avatar movie make up kit
Avatar movie make up kit

Make Your Own Avatar Movie Makeup kit

You can use traditional makeups with some industry secrets in order to create the Avatar/Na'Vi illusion without using actual prosthetics or masks.

But it takes some skill, the whole process has been outlined here:

Avatar MakeUp from the Movie Tutorial

Some optional items worth adding will include, cat eye contacts and glow and sparkle lotions for your body.

Avatar Movie Masks

Skip the fuss - Get a high Quality Avatar Mask


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    • Nick Malizia profile image

      Nick Malizia 

      8 years ago from USA

      I don't know if I'll see Avatar, but all this blue has certainly mellowed me out. Thanks. :)

      Kim's right, you have great Hub structure.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      You have made a great selection. Great hub. I love Avatar

    • SteveoMc profile image


      8 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      My granddaughter is going to love this! We all be blue!


    • albc profile image


      8 years ago

      Never see anything like Avatar, but sure Lord of the Rings Trilogy beat it flat. Very unique make up idea it is..

    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 

      8 years ago

      Great hub, Sunforged! Very organized and easy to follow - my kinda hub! I'm not really into avatar stuff, but if I was it would be fun to make up the costume!


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