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Avengers Movie: What I Expect From It

Updated on January 19, 2012

I am a certified marvel lover! Their superhero characters are pretty awesome with all those stunning costumes, sexy curves and big muscles. I know most of you may have noticed that Super Hero Movies are quite popular these days. As I remember, it started with Spiderman and it seems that Marvel is planning to make a movie for all their characters as Ironman 2, Captain America and Thor where released last year. There have been rumors going around that these awesome superheroes will team up in a certain movie this year. Well, I have read numerous articles confirming it. This possibility is one of the main reasons of my sleepless nights these past few days. I’ve seen all the previous Marvel movies and I can say that they are really planning to make an Avenger movie. It’s very obvious as the guy with an eye patch who I guess to be Nick Fury, appeared in the Captain America and Iron Man movie. I just can’t wait to see the Avengers in the big screen! I hope the director of the film would spend some time to read this article so he will have an idea as to what a marvel fanatic would want to seen in the upcoming Avengers Movie.

I don't hate love stories but It's just not fitted for this epic movie.
I don't hate love stories but It's just not fitted for this epic movie. | Source

No Fairy Tale Please

I know I’m not the one tired of a typical movie plot where the super hero’s leading lady is kidnapped by the villain, the hero moment comes after where he saves his girl, the villain ends up dying in a factory explosion or falling in a high cliff, then the couple kisses. Come on! I know there’s something better than this. It’s pointless to pay for a movie ticket just to see a movie following a plot that we’ve known since childhood. Am I too harsh? What I’m trying to say is that the Avengers is probably the most awesome movie for every Marvel comics lover out there just like me so please don’t mess its story plot. It should be fast paced, intense, a few romantic scenes would be great but overdoing it is not an option here.


What fighting scenes are you craving for on this movie?

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Realistic Action

CGI’s these days are impressive. Have you seen the Transformers movies? We’ve come a long way in making realistic movie effects. However, I want to see something different from the Avengers movie. Something that would blow my mind and leave me with this question after watching the movie: “How did they do that?” I’m very hard to please when it comes to this matter since I think I’ve seen it all; robots transforming into a vehicle, the earth exploding into pieces, a flying man with a red cape, and many more. Nonetheless, I’m very optimistic that the Avengers Movie will not fail to surprise me.

The Green Thing!
The Green Thing! | Source

A Decent Enemy

An avid comic fan would know that the Hulk is the Avengers first enemy. Is he a decent villain? Some would say that he is good enough. He is a huge green giant that is almost unstoppable when in rage, what more can we ask for a villain? As I see it, he is not worthy as the Avenger’s first opponent. I know they are just following the comic storyline but it would be better if a few more villains are introduced. I think even Thor can take out the Hulk alone. I’m not underestimating hulky but honestly, I find him cute. He is not even a true villain in the first place.


To Wrap things up..

Watching the Avengers Movie will surely complete my year. If the Mayans were right about the world ending this December, at least we saw the Avengers Movie before it happened. Let’s enjoy the movie soon everyone! Anyone who wants to watch it with me?


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