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Top 5 Best Mobile Music Apps On Android Market (Google Play)

Updated on February 1, 2013

With over 850,000 brand new Android devices being activated each and every single day, you can be sure that the future of software downloads, tablet PC's and smartphones and the longevity of Android Market (now Google Play), you can be sure that Android is an operating system that holds plenty of potential for the economic growth of the software market.

With many musicians (such as myself) regularly scouring the Android markets for music-related apps, the more time goes on the more the music apps being developed are evolving and some of them are quite impressive. I have searched the Android markets extensively and here is my list of the best music Android apps that are currently available for free.

1. U-loops PocketBand Lite

This is the app for all the musicians out there who are looking for a full-on music creation studio for their Android tablet or smartphone. Pocket Band is extremely similar to many music creation software apps available for the PC, such as Fruity Loops. Working on a similar basis, Pocket Band provides you with all the tools you need to start creating music tracks on your Android device.

U-loops Pocket Band also has it's own network of musicians where you can sign up and compete with other musicians by publishing your work online. A Pro version of Pocket Band is also available at the reasonable cost of £3.15.

2. Romplr: Remix

Romplr is actually a pretty cool little music game for Android where you score points to remix famous songs by well-known artists. Romplr recommends that you use a WiFi connection along with a set of headphones when using this app.

Have fun remixing tracks from a variety of genres including dubstep, hiphop, pop and dance. Choose tracks from major artists and then publish your highest score to the scoreboard.

3. Slicethepie

This app is actually not available at Google Play so you will have to download Slicethepie from SlideMe Market. Slicethepie is a cool music industry app that pays you real money to listen to, rate and leave reviews of music tracks. Slicethepie regularly features music by well-known artists including chart music and you can earn up to $0.26c per track.

In addition, you can leave your reviews simply by speaking to your Android device using voice recognition!

4. Music Tapping

Music Tapping is another Android music game which is extremely addictive to play. Featuring music from top artists such as Rihanna, Adele and more. Working on a very similar basis to games like Guitar Hero, you simply tap the objects that are falling down the screen at the correct time in accordance with the song you're playing.

Score points to earn coins which you can then use to unlock even more tracks by your favourite artists. This is one addictive little music game!

5. My Beatbox

My Beatbox is probably one of the best beat creation suites currently available on Google Play (Android Market). Simply change the settings to your samples, rhythm, genre, etc and create your own beats for free. Extremely simple to use and very efficient.

You can also record your own samples to use in your beats with Beatbox making all the beats you create completely customizable. One of the best beat-making utilities available.

By Sparkster

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