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Insider Info: The New Apple iPhone 5

Updated on August 20, 2012

Rumours are circulating about the release of Apple's new iPhone 5 smartphone with leaked photographs from indicating that it has a larger 4-inch screen. Tech geeks and those directly related to the technology industry are adamant that Apple's iPhone 5 will be released 21st September 2012. Further rumours suggest that we may also soon be seeing the release of the much talked about iPad mini.

The image above is a rendering of what the iPhone 5 will look like based on information about leaked parts and was created by Bryce Haymond, Director of Blackpool Creative. It is suspected that Apple will be holding a special keynote speech in early September to officially announce the release date. It has also been suggested by iMore that Apple CEO Tim Cook could also unveil the 7-inch Apple iPad. Leaked photographs indicate the presence of a Nano-SIM tray, smaller than the current micro-SIM used in current GSM versions of the iPhone. There seems to be some speculation about whether the new device will be named the iPhone 5 or simply, the "new iPhone".

It is believed that the iPhone 5 will be optimized for 4G networks. The screen is said to be upgraded from the previous 3.5-inch screen featured on the iPhone 4S to a 4-inch retina display. After Reuters claimed that their sources had mentioned that larger screens were being manufactured by three suppliers in Japan and Korea there is also speculation that there will be a boost in resolution. According to Taiwanese newspaper reports the iPhone 5 may boost a variant of the CPU already found in Samsung's Galaxy S3 (quad-core Exynos) which is likely to be named something like the 'A6'.

There is a possibility that Apple may include a HD FaceTime camera which could utilize 4G rather than relying on Wi-Fi. It is also expected that Apple's new operating system iOS6, which boasts over 200 new features, will come pre-installed on the iPhone 5.

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