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Best Vocalists of the 80's,90's,00's, and Beyond Part 7

Updated on February 28, 2012
John Legend
John Legend

Yup, I'm back again with my Best Vocalist series part 7! So far, I've mentioned a few unknowns according to wonderful feed back I've been getting from these hubs. So, I'm glad that I'm getting to introduce you to some new artists! This list in particular has got to be one of my favorites as I love all of the vocalists here. And with out further ado here is the list!

31. John Legend

John Legend got his start lending his voice to other artists like Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Jay-Z before finally releasing his own material after graduating from university. He was hired to play piano on Lauryn Hill's "Everything is Everything" off of the album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. He's won multiple Grammy Awards and has received the special Starlight award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He also did an album with The Roots. He is now currently on tour with Sade and also working on his next studio album. Ahhh I can't wait!

Amy Lee
Amy Lee

32. Amy Lee

Amy Lee of Evanescence fame, is a singer/song writer who is a classically trained pianist. Her hauntingly beautiful voice soars and glides through her transitions from low to high notes. She has amazing control over those set of pipes I must say! Amy Lee is featured in a few rock songs by bands Seether and Korn. Evanescence's newest album will be released in October 2011.

Justin Nozuka
Justin Nozuka

33. Justin Nozuka

I think this guy should be way more famous! A friend of mine put me on to him about two years back and I have to say after two albums, this kid is amazing. He's like a raspy Justin Timberlake with out all the pop music. His music deals with more mature themes and his first album Holly was dedicated to his mother. Music and acting seem to run in the genes, as several of his siblings are either actors or musicians. He's also nephew of actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

La India
La India

34. La India

Ooh man. I sing her songs all the time. This Latin song bird was and is a staple in many a Hispanic household. She's been nominated for both Grammy's, Latin Grammy's and was dubbed the Princess of Salsa. She got her nick name India from her grandmother because of her dark features and her straight black hair. Her first album was actually in English, as she was supposed to be marketed as the Latin Madonna. She recorded the album but felt that it wasn't the right direction for her. Soon after she recorded her first salsa album and the rest is history.

Sarah Mclaclan
Sarah Mclaclan

35. Sarah Mclachlan

Known for her emotional ballads, Sarah Mclachlan has sold over 40 million albums world wide. Who hasn't heard Angels or Fallen? If you haven't then your missing out on some beautiful music. She is founder of the Lilith Fair tour and an Avid supporter of the ASPCA, as you might have heard Angels as the theme song.

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Artists on the List!

Have any particular artist you would like to see on the next list? Leave a comment! I'm very open to suggestions!


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    • profile image

      Stargrrl 3 years ago

      Great hub. I like Amy Lee and Sarah McLaughlin.

    • antonrosa profile image

      antonrosa 5 years ago from USA

      Great hub, thanks. La India is a great singer and Sarah looks hot there.

    • profile image

      sumon 5 years ago

      this site is wonderful.

    • nu-flowerchild profile image

      nu-flowerchild 6 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

      I absolutely adore John Legend. I can't wait for his next solo album. It's been quite a while. I wonder what he will cook up on that one.

      Justin Nozuka is a young musical flowerchild... and I love it. But I wouldn't put him on a "best of" list of anything yet. A lot of young artists today just don't deserve that recognition yet... but he can get there!