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Big Brother 11 winner 2010

Updated on January 20, 2014

Josie Crowned winner of Big Bro 2010

The Finalists say thank you to the viewers in the diary room
The Finalists say thank you to the viewers in the diary room
Josie is revealed winner of Big Brother
Josie is revealed winner of Big Brother
Josie steps out to a massive cheer
Josie steps out to a massive cheer
Josie being interviewed by Davina
Josie being interviewed by Davina
A reunited John James and Josie saying their goodbyes
A reunited John James and Josie saying their goodbyes
Josie is winner of Big Brother 2010
Josie is winner of Big Brother 2010

Josie crowned winner of Big Brother 11

It was a end of a era when the final show kicks of with a very excited Davina Mccall dressed in a black sparkling mini dress, behind her was a even more excited crowd all waiting to see who will be crowned winner of the last ever big brother 2010.

After showing what the housemates have been upto in the final day of the house, mainly Josie going on about her 'perfect day' and the housemates all deciding to stage a protest while turning off their mics. not really sure why they did this other than boredom, still they soon came round when Big Bro announced they had arranged a party for them, during their party they were given the original tombola that put them in the house in the first place, which they had to take topics out of and then stand up individualy to talk about their experiences in the house.

Meanwhile out of the house Davina was introducing all the ex housemates of the 2010 show starting with the Baron Steve and chatty Rachel, steve said he is daddy cool to his kids now since being in the house, and when asked if anything has happened between herself and Ben, Rachel replied "i just think were stay friends."

Quiff head Ben walked out next and bragged about how busy he has been and his impending tv career Yawwwn!! next up were Ife and Jovan who was met by lots of Boos, Ife says she has just been signed by a record label, also to get boos was Shabby and Caoimhe who said they dont regret leaving the house, they were followed by Sunshine and Jo, and then in bounced Sammy Pepper who says he now has over 40,000 fans following him on twitter, Laura and Keeley were next (i didnt even know who Laura was) and keeley hobled up on crutches, then we saw Corin who confessed she got ready in 20 minutes because they had no time, second from last we saw Rachel and Nathan who are now a couple, Davina asked Nathan if they are going to have any trouble tonight, and Nathan replied "I'm a good boy now" with a grin on his face, and lastly we saw John James who admits he needs to apoligise to Rachel, and says he is really in love with Josie.

Davina then talks to the house and in 5th place was Andrew dresed in jeans checked shirt and jumper all teamed with his new geek sheek hairstyle, Andrew was met by a big applause from the crowd, in his interview with Davina he tells of his feelings for Josie before apoligizing to a laughing John James, he also admits he did infact have a sexual experience with a Melon, and says he feels more confident in himself since being on the show and wants Josie to win.

In fourth place is JJ looking hansom in grey jeans and tight top with a red tartan waistcoat and sunnys, Boxer JJ was really pleased that the viewers saw something in him that made them want to keep him in the house, (possibly his looks) he talked about his bromance with John James, the lads have even talked about moving in together, when quizzed about Corin he says he just wants to be friends, he then recieves a message from his friend Aston from boyband JLS, and he ends his interview with saying he wants Josie to win.

In third place is the mole Mario who walks out the house wearing a white jacket covered with clip on multi coloured butterflies (possibly his own design) while watching his best bits he realized it was his Granddad sat behind him in the diary room wearing a santa suit for the ignore the obvious task, Davina then shows him footage of his flirting with his male housemates, Mario said Ben led him on in the house and didnt always like him because Ben didn't like him in the same way, Mario says he wants Josie to win.

The Winner is............

And the winner of the final Big Brother 2010 is...........................Josie!!! who did a little victory dance before kissing runner up Dave, "i Won Big Brother" a shocked Josie screamed before dancing around the house.

Runner up Dave who looked a lot trimmer wearing blue jeans and a checked shirt walked out to a massive cheer, he tells Davina he was missunderstood in the first few weeks because he is all about family and the glory, he goes on with the fact their was so much love in the house, "love never fails" he says, before ending with "i'm looking forward to seeing my beautiful wife after 77 days without the glory."

Davina then calls out winner Josie who got a astonihing 77.5 percent of the vote, Josie was wearing a rainbow coloured maxi dress and was seen breathing into a paper bag just before the doors opened, she walked out to the biggest cheer i have ever heard on Big Brother, but strangely when the cameras flashed to John James he was seen looking less than impressed.

Caoimhe also looked angry that Josie had won,, while being interviewed by Davina, Josie told of her love for John James who she claims was out of her league, to which the crowd all shouted their dissagreement. Josie told Davina she had no idea why she has won Big Brother but will be donating 20,000 to charity Click, and will be buying housemate Steve his new leg. John James then appeared on stage to say goodbye to Josie and they shared a long kiss before she enters the house for the final time for Ultimate Big Brother.

On her way back down the stairs she sang backstreet boys "oh my god i'm back again," but for how long? i wonder if Josie could go for a double whammy and win ultimate big brother too.

Big Brother Final quiz

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    • traslochimilano profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      Congratulation Josie ........


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