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Christina and Ali Christensen's Special Day At Taylorview JHS

Updated on September 18, 2010
Brad & Tara, hosts of a special concert for Christina's classmates at Taylorview JHS, with Christina and Ali Christensen
Brad & Tara, hosts of a special concert for Christina's classmates at Taylorview JHS, with Christina and Ali Christensen

A Day Never To Be Forgotten

Christina and Ali Christensen of Idaho Falls, ID, have had quite the eventful week back at home, after flying from Hollywood, CA, where they were just competing in the Top 10 Pre-Finals on America's Got Talent 2010. If I was in their shoes, I may have just settled to stay at home and relax the whole time, taking a big break from everything before their six week long tour with the rest of the Top 10... But for these two, every single day is an opportunity to make a difference to someone somewhere.

One day in particular, they made a special visit to Christina's own school, Taylorview JHS, where they would perform for Christina's classmates in a concert hosted by friends, Brad & Tara. Little did they know how special of a day this would become for the both of them and the rest of Idaho.

The governor of Idaho, Governor "Butch" Otter, proclaimed September 16th to be

"Ali & Christina Christensen Day"

After millions of viewers have come to love Christina & Ali, being inspired by their journey on America's Got Talent that brought them to the Top 10 of Season 5, it was with great honor that Governor Butch Otter would declare a special day in their names. This past Thursday, KPVI News Channel 6 came to celebrate with the two at Taylorview JHS, as they sang and shared the day with Christina's classmates. In an interview, Christina shared, "It is so fun to sing in front of my whole school; I'm not nearly as nervous as I was was singing in front of millions of people, but it's fun. I still get a little nervous singing in front of them, but not bad."

Christina's BIG Note In "I Love You, I Do"
Christina's BIG Note In "I Love You, I Do"

Doing What They Do Best

Ali & Christina got a chance to do what they do best at Taylorview JHS on Thursday, September 16, 2010. They sang their hearts out, once again giving witness to their miraculous singing talent and courage. But the day was not only a chance for Christina to sing for her classmates, but Ali got a chance to visit her own Junior High School she remembers from back in 2006 as well.

Speaking in terms of their performance, those who have followed the two on America's Got Talent 2010 have picked up on some of their trademarks, I guess we could say. There are some things that we just can't wait to hear from them. From Ali, we know we can expect this unique, beautiful, and pure voice with so much passion in every note. There is not one note that Ali will let slip by without allowing her heart to shine through it with meaning and purpose. And I can see why some call her the "Vocal Swiss Army Knife" with her effortless vocal runs. And of course, then you have the guys who are watching with their mouths open, drooling, wondering how a woman can sing & look so beautifully all at once.

From Christina, we can expect to see the young, sweet, beautiful girl with a BIG voice. She will show no signs of being timid, that's for sure. And there's no doubt during the America's Got Talent performances, all of those watching were waiting for Christina to hit her big note... So, why would her performance for her own school be any different, right? I have no doubt all of the single boys (and maybe even some of the not-so-single boys) in her school were thinking about how they were going to ask Christina for her phone number while she gave them all chills singing her big note in the song, "I Love You, I Do." You gotta love how it gets you every time, even when you know it's coming.

Caught In Action

As you could imagine, lots of fellow students wanted to talk to Christina, get her autograph, and spend as much time with her as they could, but there's only one problem... someone has to go to class. Sure, it may have been difficult for Christina to stop signing autographs enough to get back to class, but it is Ali & Christina's Day, right? Don't they deserve a little more freedom on their own special day? That's like asking Santa Claus to take an evening college class on Christmas Eve. Not gonna happen.

Only The Beginning

Christina and Ali continue to share with others the hope & joy they find in pursuing their dreams, and September 16, 2010, was a day unlike any other for the two. They were given a gift that will allow them to forever influence their state, especially their hometown of Idaho Falls. And even through all of the seriousness of the day, honoring their courageous efforts, they were able to have some fun, sharing a bit of their silly side in the process.

There is no doubt that this is just the start of a much bigger, on-going journey for Christina & Ali Christensen. They are heading off today [Saturday, September 18, 2010] back to California to prepare for the AGT tour where they will be performing along with the Top 10 in 24 cities across the US for six weeks.The question is, "What else can we expect to see from these two?" I can only predict great things, and rumor has it, we may get a chance to hear more from them than just from the stage on tour. But for now, I am certainly ready with my ticket to see Christina and Ali performing on tour.

-Sevy [Ryan Severns, AKA SevDiggity]

GRAFFITI WALL - In Honor of September 16th, Ali & Christina Christensen Day

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    • profile image

      tamya 7 years ago

      they bolth have a grate vois and i wish that one day me and my sister can get as far as they did i go to school a talor view me and my sister likje to sig too(*

    • profile image

      elaina  7 years ago

      you guys are great. i am really looking forward to seeing u guys on tour.